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We all know VIGILANT is an amazing mod. But up until now you could only play it either in Japanese or only partially translated to English. Well, guess what? I got bored with waiting. So I translated it myself. All of it.

A little disclaimer first: I don't actually speak Japanese.

...Please don't run away just yet.

I swear to you, I didn't just throw a pile of English words together and hoped it would make some vague sense. A lot of work went into this translation, even if it is a work of a complete amateur. Sure, it's not perfect and it's quite possible I mistranslated something or phrased it in a weird way... but it all makes sense (or at least it should). You can follow the story without problems (at least I'd like to think so) - and by Stendarr, the story in VIGILANT is amazing.

If you still need to be convinced, here is what this translation took:

  • running the entire mod through Google Translate again
  • realizing Google Translate actually got a lot better since vicn ran his mod through it
  • comparing both machine translated versions of the mod
  • rewriting everything to make sense for humans
  • running quite a lot of sentences through other Japanese-English translating tools and making further comparisons
  • having to make some educated guesses based on context at some points, unfortunately
  • swearing at the Japanese language
  • swearing at the English language
  • just swearing in general in half a dozen different languages
  • selling my soul to Molag Bal (because Stendarr didn't answer)
  • puzzling out the overarching story and realizing it's amazingly well written
  • reading Vicn's blogspot about Vigilant (here, but you'll need Google Translate) and getting some further answers about the story from it and some Q&A taking place in the comments and also getting most of my wild guesses about a few very certain characters confirmed
  • checking Elder Scrolls lore and making sure names of existing characters and places matched
  • freaking out at the Alessian Order (what the hell, Marukh?!)
  • neglecting to study for a fiendishly difficult final until the last day and then still managing to pass it with a downright excellent mark despite not having a clue how to solve one of the problems (I'm still in shock)
  • continuing translation during lunch breaks at work
  • realizing Google Translate must be a Khajiit (seriously, it translates Khajiit speak suspiciously well)
  • taking a break to continue my rather violent love-hate relationship with Wheel of Time (reading it for the first time now)
  • blasting Nazgul theme from LOTR movies every time Molag Bal had something to say
  • starting to wrap it all up
  • realizing I forgot to check enchantment and spell descriptions
  • checking the entire mod once again and correcting all the mistakes I found
  • testing it really quickly in-game
  • finally wrapping it up for real
  • spending way too long to write this description
  • ...

Well, you get the idea now.

I hope you will give my translation a try. And if you find any mistakes or have an idea how to translate something in a better way, please tell me.



A lot has changed - for the better. This translation is not so amateurish anymore, thanks to a123999 and Spylorm.
I actually consider this version pretty final and good enough for voice acting to start (more info on that to follow).
So, what's changed:

  • rewrote a lot of the lines for better grammar, flow, style
  • corrected typos
  • corrected quite a few wrong translations -> now everything should make sense
  • fixed wrong quest journal for Windhelm Report quest (my bad -> map marker was correct, it was me who wrote the wrong place)
  • corrected some things in the books and notes
  • some quests got renamed (for example: Disappearances in Prison is now Empty Cells) -> no problem with updating
  • double checked armor, weapons, spells, other items and such for consistency
  • finished my playtesting -> everything should be fine
  • also got some answers from Vicn regarding the story
  • updated for VIGILANT 1.0.6


Another update, this time to bring the translation in line with voice acting.

  • subtitles brought in line with what the voiced characters are actually saying 
  • fixed some typos I still missed from 1.1
  • Captain Spania is now Scamp Captain and he really should have been that before and what on Earth was I thinking
  • Alessian Believer/Prayer changed to Alessian Worshipper/Supplicant respectively and how didn't I think of the word 'worshipper' before
  • Dark Kid changed to Dark Child because it sounds better to me
  • changed Bastard to Spawn since Bastard really was as awkward as it gets (thanks, blueraga)


  • updated for VIGILANT 1.1.0


Q: So, what is actually translated?
A: ... Everything. Really. That includes books. Unless I still missed something, everything should be translated.

Q: But isn't there an already existing translation?
A: Yes, there is - though it's only partial and hasn't been updated in a long time. Still, I recommend you go there and endorse because Geazaiten did a good job.

Q: But are there any lines from Geazaiten's translation here?
A: No. I did everything from scratch. Some lines may be similar, but there are only so many ways you can translate something like "I can't do that", "Yes, my lord" and such.

Q: Do you have permission for this?
A: Vicn gave his permission to anyone to translate his mods, so yes, I do.

Q: Voice acting, pleeeease!
A: Your wish is granted. An English voiced addon has now been released. You can find it here: VIGILANT Voiced

And we have a showcase video as well! Enjoy. :) 



What you absolutely need, no exceptions whatsoever:

How to install:

  • make sure you meet all the requirements
  • download my translation
  • install with your mod manager of choice or manually unzip Vigilant.esp to your Skyrim Data folder
  • let it overwrite existing esp
  • activate the mod and sort your load order
  • play



  • Vicn for the original mod
  • a123999 for help with translation
  • Spylorm for allowing me to compare my translation with his German one (you can find it here: click)