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Version 1.4 is out which has some more stretching and fitness animations because you need to have firm glutes to kill frosbite spiders etc

Version 1.3 is added which has some nice yoga animations, I will probably stop here

Version 1.2 added which includes kneeling poses in the same style. Enjoy

See screenshot and video below for poses. I have been messing round in blender a bit so thought I would share. There is no mod to make these work so you need to download Halo Public Poser or similar. This will not take long to set up even if you are new to this.

Thanks to TornFlesh for the video

Description: Some very immersive and realistic (hopefully) animations for role playing. You can see her breathing as she sleeps... Do you even KNOW how f*cking immersive that is ??? They are amateur quality so don't bother complaining about that because I am not a professional.

Animation Sets: 

01-09 Sleeping (shhh)
10-18 Standing, house work, bending down (Because women constantly bend down for no reason... In my mind...)
19-27 Sitting (Just sitting, you should try it some time)
28-36 Kneeling, house work (She needs to get to those hard to reach places, remember fella's, IMMERSION )

To install follow these steps:

1 Install Halo Public Poser -
2 Install my mod overwriting the .hkx files in \meshes\actors\character\animations\Public
3 Thats it, load the game and use Halo Public Poser to load my anims using the rings.

The animations will occupy slots 1 to 27 (at time of writing) so file names 1PUB01.hkx to 1PUB27.hkx but obviously you can rename them if you want to add them to your own mod or use them with fnis spells or whatever, to avoid overwriting your own poses.

Location of files - \meshes\actors\character\animations\Public

Optionally you can then use Poser Hotkeys so that you can quickly move from pose to pose and not use the rings, and more important you can create a facial expression like a sleeping one as I have done in the pics.

Very. F*cking. Immersive.

Permissions: You can use these animations in your own mod and on any website but just give credit as usual.

Future: I might add more "series" of poses later on and eventually make an actual mod for it so it doesn't need Halo Public Poser but I am not sure yet. 

Requests: I might, if it interests me, do requests so write any "Pose Series" requests in the comment thread and I will see... It would have to be interesting enough to fill up 9 slots so, something like "Yoga Pose Animations" would work (but bit hard for me) as I am into doing a series of poses rather than just totally random ones in no order.

Please feel free to add your images

Credits: Give credit Halofarm for inspiration to start doing posing and for the Public Poser framework and naturally Fore without whom we could not enjoy animation mods. Also Anton0028 for making these scripts and stuff I used to export the data into hkx. And TheFigment for the "hkxcmd.exe" tool.