Hidden Vale by Kamudo
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A small project that I devoted my day towards, it's far from finished, but since I can't figure out the new papyrus and AI systems, I'll just leave it how it is for now. If you head east from Riften, you can find the path to Hidden Vale near the Morrowind border, taking the trail up and over the mountains to a secluded mountain valley, where Dunmer and Khajiit live without fear.

This mod, modifies the border region near the Skyrim, Cyrodiil, and Morrowind border, the modification is not large. There are currently two NPC's, who have the personality of a plank, a small settlement, a stable, and a smelter. Three of the four homes can be entered, the Deserted Shop has a bed in the basement that the player may rest in.

Since this mod takes you beyond the borders of Skyrim, please be sure to add the following to your skyrim.ini (Under the General section, at the beginning of the .ini) :


This will allow you to travel to Hidden Vale.

This mod is in no way complete, more or less a testing of the new engines systems, (most of which I can't seem to operate.)