Werefox - Werewolf recolor by Finadan
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Added: 20/11/2011 - 06:36PM
Updated: 27/11/2011 - 03:21PM

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Last updated at 15:21, 27 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 18:36, 20 Nov 2011

Yep, it's a werefox. It's not exactly the best recolor ever, but I'm not really that much of a modder when it comes to textures. This is just something I made for myself in the absence of anything better. I figured perhaps others would like to have this too, so here it is.

Also, I know the screenshots I have uploaded are of terrible quality. My computer can hardly run Skyrim on Low detail, with my graphics chipset's accelerator throttling the detail level of practically everything. Please feel free to upload some higher quality screenshots here. Or, you know, make a better recolor.

Good news! Turns out my computer can run Skyrim mildly well with high quality textures. The chipset has 1GB of shared memory dedicated to textures, so it almost doesn't suck in that regard. New screenshots(and a new version) have been added. The first two screenshots are comparisons of V1.0 to V1.1, with the old version on the left and the new on the right. The second two are just screenshots of 1.1.

The eyes are not part of this mod; they're from a different Werewolf Skins mod here on the Nexus.

Installation Instructions
Unpack the .zip file into your Skyrim/Data folder

Uninstallation Instructions
delete the and files in the Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/werewolf folder