Skyrim Magic System Completed(SMSC) v1.8 by call me William my actual username is too long
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Skyrim Magic System Completed(SMSC) v1.8

Table of Contents:
1. Description
2. Install
3. Compatibility
4. Permission
5. Sidenote

1. Description:

Are you tired of not having some magic effects applicable in all forms? A spell you want as a potion?  An enchantment you wish were a spell? Well, if your awnser was yes, this mod might be what you are looking for, despite not being finished, this mod still adds some new enchantments, spells and potions that are just effects copied over form other types of magic (for example, there is now a potion of firecloak, and a spell of weakness to frost.)

2. Install:

Really just like most mods,
put the esp file in the Skyrim data folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data), and make sure the plugin is checked before running the game. Also, make sure you delete version 1.0 if you're updating form that version.

3. Compatibility:

This mod is script-free and does not use external assets, so it should be compatible with anything as well as being performance-friendly ;).

4. Permission:

Seeing as this mod is only made using the Skyrim Creation Kit, it is, from a legal standpoint, property of Bethesda Softworks (for more info, see TES V: Creation Kit EULA; paragraph 1-5). So i guess you can do whatever you want with it. Though i would ask you kindly that you would give me some credit if you plan to include it in a mod pack or review it ;).

5. Sidenote:

Please report bugs and glitches with the mod ;)

Feel free to endorse the mod if you enjoy it!

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