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Added: 30/12/2016 - 03:37PM
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I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS!!! Any messages sent to me or comments made on my pages asking to create a new mod or modify an existing mod that is not mine will be ignored and deleted.

I am considering the latest release of this as final and won't be offering support or making future updates to this mod.

Compatible with Enderal

What Is This?

Every once in a while you might find that an NPC is blocking a doorway and there is no way to easily get past them unless they decide to move on their own or you use a convoluted method to get past. This mod will move them out of the way for you in an easy manner. There are similar mods that do this through spells or other items, but it can be a nuisance to have to go and equip a spell for those rare occasions when an NPC is blocking your way. All you need to do with this is push against the NPC for a moment and they will be moved out of the way automatically.

How To Use

This mod is meant to be very simple to use. All you need to do is push against the NPC in front of you for a few seconds and that NPC will automatically be teleported to a spot nearby and hopefully out of the way of your path. There is an MCM menu that will allow you to enable/disable this mod as well as configure the timeout and teleport range. You can even configure a hotkey to move the NPC in front of you immediately if you are the impatient type.

This mod works by tracking how long an NPC is active in your crosshairs while you are moving forward. If you move your view around a lot or try moving a direction other than forwards then the timeout period will be reset. Also, this behavior will only work for NPCs that are not in combat. So while you may be able to easily push your way through a busy inn, you will have to fight your way past enemies blocking the way in a dungeon.


You can feel free to make translations, upload this to other sites, and generally share this with anyone you like without asking for permission so long as you don't try and make any money from this mod. I only ask that you make sure to give me credit for this work. You do not have permission to port this to Special Edition as this relies heavily on SKSE and I don't want to deal with complaints people may make about this not working due to the differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SKSE that someone else did not compensate for. You also do not have permission to use any part of this mod in your own mods without asking for permission first.

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