The Hall of Memories- Reencounters in Moonshadow (Mihail immersive add-ons - Daedric Prince Azura- Oblivion) by MihailMods
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Hall of Memories trailer

VERSION 3 RELEASED- LOD fixed, some creatures and environment was removed to make all look more clean and harmonic, the valley looks far better now,
also,the crystal mountains have now much better textures





***First of all...***
-Please Attention-
Check the credits list at the end of this page. Without the incredible modders 
that I've credited there, this mod wouldn't exist. I want to sincerely give my best 
thanks to all of them, and I ask all of you to visit each mod page bellow, endorse 
the mods, and play them, they're all amazing and great works! :) Thank you.

Mihail Romanov

Hall of Memories Trailer

(outdated- old version)MOD REVIEW BY S.Silin

(outdated- old version)

(your videos and screenshots
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And well my good budies, I'm here again to give you another fanservice, I hope you really
like it. I've made it with my heart, and I'm happy with the results. Of couse I have already too 
much to learn, but step by step I'm learning more about modding Skyrim, and, I'm giving
to the 
community, gradually, better works. I've not any monetary intentions, I just want to expand the 
in immersive mods for Skyrim, to your Skyrim experience! :) They are just that my objectives.

LORE: Two exiled Telvanni wizards, living in the Tundra of Skyrim, and a little bit obsessed with
mudcrabs, attained to open a gate into the wonderful realm of beauty of Moonshadow.
Moonshadow is a realm of Oblivion, created and ruled over by Azura, the Daedric Prince of
Twilight. The realm is so beautiful that visiting mortals are half-blinded. The realm contains flowers,
glowing mushrooms, and waterfalls, majestic trees, giant crystals and a city of silver. The wind
smells of perfume, the sky is in a constant dusk, and the realm is known to have inherent light. Azura
lives in a rose palace, and is welcoming to mortal travelers. The real is inhabited by several daedra
creatures, like the Winged Twilights, Dusk Panthers, Moon Cyclopes, Crystal Turtles, Dolphins, Toxic Slugs, and others. There are several Hall of Memories inside the crystalline valleys of Moonshadow, beautiful
Ayleid chambers, with the function to store memories, tough-forms and archetypes, inside crystalline spheres, trought the ages, from all the living beings of Tamriel. Several Ayleid take care of
that chambers, serving Azura, despite a still strong connection with Magnus and Meridia.
The Telvanni oppened the gate trying to enter directly when Azura's palace is, but, they end
on the Hall of Memories that stores the archetypes from the great heroes of the past, or legends of
heroes to come. And if you prove yourself worthy, you will can see, and fight within, the archetypes
of: The Vestige, Cyrus the Restless, The apprentice Josian Kaid, Master Tunnel Rat, Dawnstar Hero,
Soul of Conflict, the Eternal Champion, the Hero of Daggerfall, the Nerevarine, the Champion
of Cyrodiil, and the hero to come, the Dragonborn. Remember that you are not fighting the real
heroes, neither their spirits, only the archetypes created by the imagination of the people of
Tamriel, about that strong beings and the great things they have done.

Travel into the new Telvanni map marker that will show close to Sleeping Tree Camp, on Skyrim's
tundra, talk with the Dunmer inside the house, and he will explain to you all that you need
to know to enter Moonshadow without become blind and mad, like his former partner has became.



- A big valley of Moonshadow to explore;
- 1 Ayleid great chamber;
- A hard trial: the task to defeat the Archetypes of the heroes from past TES games
(TES Online,
and the legendary idea of the Dragonborn ;
- 1 telvanni dunmer with custom dialogue (only text, enable subtitles);
- 4 ayleids with custom dialogue (only text, enable subtitles);
- 11 new books about the 11 heroes;
- 1 very complete new book about the Ayleid elves;
- 13 new types of daedra creatures;
- 2 little telvanni settlements on Skyrim;
- 3 new mudcrab chimeras;
- 2 new obtainable weapons (the weapons of the
archetypes are, of course, unplayable;
- 2 new obtainable helmets (the armors of the
archetypes are, of course, unplayable); 
- New conjuration spells;
- New environment;
- New soundtrack.

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire

I believe that the mod will not be incompatible with any other mod, except 
if it modifies the interior and exterior area of Sleeping Tree Camp.

That mod is a standalone mod, but if you like the daedric realms, take
a look too in Sulfur and Fire: Trial of Mehrunes Dagon, and in my Corprusarium
REDONE, that lead you into Apocrypha. And I'm working too in the Cold Despair:
Trial of Molag Bal and The Dark Descent: Trial of Vaermina... COMING SOON

A really want to thanks to several modders, because without some of their meshes 
and textures, that mod wouldn't exist. :) Please endorse and play all of them.
There's the list, with my sincere thanks:

- Nahkin/ Shamans Hut (i don't used anything, but I used the concept)
- skyrimlazz/ Ayleid Resource / Ayleid Palace
- varlaisaran/ Adabala Building System (i don't used it directly,
but i'm crediting him as requested by skyrimlazz)
- Nevermind43/ ESO Nord Armor 
- alanovichromanov/ Daedric Entity Restoration Project 
(and consequently Anton0028/ Animated Dragon Wings)
- Hallgarth/ Ayleid Style Elven Armour
- Oaristys/ Modder's Resource Pack
-Gendundrup / Auroran Resource/ Pahmar Lich Companion
- Dogtown1/ SkyMoMod
 - Skywind Team
- elinem/ Hoddminir Plants and Trees
- Tamira/ New Flowers Resource / Antique statue
- qasiermo/ Birds of Skyrim
- m150/ AshhopperFollower
- Dragonporn/ UKC02 Mudcrab Hunters
- SpikeDragonLord/ Beasts of Tamriel
- jacknifelee/ Velvet Robes and Cloaks
- ViperTheOne/ Enhanced Weapons_Staves and Bombs
-MonkeyKong/ HighRes Mage clothes colored Robes and Hoods
- Nikinoodles/ Cloaks of Skyrim
- PrivateEye, urbanshiv92 and Titansbane/ Tools of Kagrenac
- abakus/ A Steel Heater Shield
- Faustuss2/ Cyrus the Restless
-maty743/ Knights of the Nine
-THusky/ Morrowind Armor Compilation /
Morrowind Armor - Netch Leather
- Hanaisse/ Oblivion Gates in Skyrim
- badgremlin/ Spiked Club baseball bat
- kai1995/ Pauldrons_ Morrowind Style
- jackGA/ JG Monsters
- Derik & Brandon Fietcher/ Soundtrack
- Edhildil/ Argonian War Tails
- artifex0/ Argonian Raptor Feet
- lautasantenni/ Expanded Jewerly Crafting

Mihail Romanov

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