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Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Tweaker Readme [Updated 12:54 PM 08/18/2013]

© 2011-2013 fallenzeraphine


This is a Utility to Tweak Over 80 Graphics related settings of Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
And has the facility to change almost any other setting or even add custom ones

System Requirements

Microsoft .Net Runtime 4 or Later
Supports Windows XP /Vista /7 /8 /8.1 /Server 2003 /Server 2008 /Server 2012
inifile.dll Must be located in the same Directory as the Main Executable

Version History


* Switched to .NET 4.0, Works with Windows XP
* Minor Bug Fixes
* GFX Changes


* Fixed Some issues in the Advanced editor section
* Minor GFX and icon changes


* Recompiled with .Net 4.5
* Minor UI changes/Tweaks
* Minor Bug Fixes


* Window Content is now Scrollable, Enabling the tool to be used on very low resolution Monitors [Requested by Palanai]
* Automatically Saves Window Position and Size
* Minor Bug Fixes


* Added some default settings to the combo boxes
* Minor UI changes
* Fixed a Bug causing Null Values when Editing Keys
* Added some more descriptions of the settings


* Fixed a Major Bug Causing the Section Name to Go Blank when the Input Box is Cancelled with a Null Value


* Added A powerful Custom Settings Editor, Features Editing All aspects of the TESV Settings files, Drag and Drop Manipulation is Supported [Feature Requested by OneMember]
* Now the program won't Save Null Values [Feature Requested by franky9999]
* Many UI enhancements, Minor Errors Corrected
* Minor Bug Fixes Regarding Loading Settings


* Added the Ability to Export and Import settings to a separate file, you can use this to test settings from other users or as Backup
* Fixed Several Errors with Setting Lables
* Added a Few Setting Tool Tips [This is far from Complete]
* Enabled Editing the Display Adapter to use value
* Program only accepts Numerical Values for all editable settings


* Fixed a Major Bug When the wrong settings are saved on two Values


* Fixed Some UI anomalies
* Fixed a bug with the skyrim settings detection Routine


* Change over 80 Settings
* Automatically Detects the settings directory
[Some Features like Remembering each setting you try out on Combo Boxes are not yet implemented on this initial release]

[MD5 - A815BC6DED9C7CC63BC0A0759FC3D0D9] - Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Tweaker.exe
[MD5 - 0B157A282D6E45521BE25BD2E6CB4C4E] - IniFile.dll