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A dark and mysterious cave with a dark secret, Darkmire Crypt
lies West of Bloodlet Throne. Hidden within this cave is the
 Tomb of Ingulfrid was once a Dark Mage Queen now lies buried
and lock away for centuries. Only the most powerful
warrior will dare to venture this forbidden tomb
and claim it's prize or his life. Level 75 is highly
recommended and preferably multiple followers
if possible. Hell awaits for
those who venture alone.

White Frigid Cave

A group of Bandit has ventured into the
Tomb of Hokimir to retrieve a powerful weapon.
You must journey to Southwest of Kagrenzel
where the tomb lies at the depths
of the frigid cave before they'll get it first.
Recommended level at least 15 or above.

Frostgrim Hollow

A frozen cave south of Stendarr's Beacon
lies a secret passage to the tomb of
a powerful warrior. Dare to travel and discover
what buried treasure awaits. Recommended
level is of no concern.
Enter and prepare to meet your demise.

Silent Veil

Venture into the depths of the tomb,
a nordic ruin east of Fort Neugrad 
and claim a powerful relic of Lord Valdgar.
Enter at any level but 
recommended at least above level 20

Direfang Cave

A mysterious weapon hidden beneath the forgotten temple
that awaits the brave to claim it's power.
Travel to Direfang Cave West of Valthume
and journey into the catacombs and face your fear
Enter at any level and prepare to die...

The Temple of Vuldur
Travel to Cold Fear Cavern south of
Avanchnzel and discover what lies beneath the dark misty cave. This cave system
has a secret door that leads to a large dungeon compose of several cells and a
portal to Vuldur's Temple. Battle your way through one of the toughest enemies
you'll encounter and defeat a very powerful Dragon Priest. Level 40 and above
is highly recommended. This dungeon is very large and may take hours to finish.
Plus I also included a female follower her
name is Yizla Titanborn, she is a Redguard Barbarian found at Moorside Inn,
Morthal. Her perks are Barbarian, tower of strength, lightfoot, stealth and
juggernaut. She will level up with the player.

Desolate Crypt

A burial tomb East of Twilight Sepulcher. 
Are you brave enough to explore it's dark tunnels? 
Bring a lot of torches. Head in at any level.

Verdant Vile Grotto

A mysterious cave just South of Falkreath. 
Discover the hidden Temple and claim the Relic of the Wraith King. 
You'll encounter a different enemies here. 
Level 20 is only required but you can head in at any level if you so desire.


Silver Yol

     A Nordic ruin just North East of Ivarstead. Conquer the dungeon and destroy the
powerful enemies that lurks the depths and wield the weapon hidden beneath the
catacombs. Level 20 and above is recommended, bring a companion or you'll be

Twin Sonaak

     A Nordic ruin just North West of Knifepoint Ridge. "SONAAK" which means
Defeat them and wield their power against
your enemies. Level 20 and above is recommended.
Vasik's Tomb

A nordic dungeon West of Solitude. 
Vasik from the dragon language which means Drain.
This dungeon is consist of Five
(5) large rooms. Enemies and traps awaits
you as you descend to face the 
Fallen Warriors and Vasik himself.
Suggested level 20 and above.

Steep Chill Mine

This is a small mining cave North of Markarth with a secret passage
to a large catacombs. It's a one long dungeon with multiple rooms 
packed with assorted enemies to fight, deadly traps to deal and puzzle to solve. 

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Changelog v2.8.7
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Changelog v2.8.6
New Dungeon Ingulfrid added.

Changelog v2.8.5
Frostgrim location change due to conflict, but still east
of Lost Tongue Overlook only a bit further east of it.

Changelog v2.8.4
floor fix on Hokimir's temple
added and expanded a few rooms on Hokimir's tomb

Changelog v.2.8.3
added some additional clutters  and cell expansion
for White Frigid Cave
fix some minor details

Changelog v2.8.2
floor fixed on Direfang

Changelog v.2.8.1
forgot to clean the file with TES5Edit

Changelog v2.8
Added new dungeon White Frigid Cave


Changelog v2.7.1
minor changes on the Final Boss battle for Frostgrim

Changelog v2.7
fix some annoying seam on Direfang cave
warlock chest on Frostgrim backwards
and minor changes on the final boss
weapon on Frostgrim

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