Medikhajiits by Kortyzol
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Added: 07/02/2012 - 10:26PM
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This mod adds to game medikhajiits. Medikhajiits are specific type of khajiit. They have got default texture of khajiits. They are using healing hands for healing NPCs and player. Medikhajiits are wearing adept robes, golden circlet and equipped one handed axe. Medikhajiit also has got medigun from Team Fortress 2. Medikhajiits have got unlimited mana points for healing. Medikhajiit can be your follower. Their one handed axe has got 23 points of damage. Medigun is retextured spell of healing wands. This spell heals 50 points of health. You can meet Medikhajiits everywhere, they are random spawning in Skyrim. If you want to Medikhajiit will be your follower, you must pay him 500 gold. Medikhajiits have got 75% of your maximum health. For example if you have got 300 health points, Medikhajiits will be 225 points of health.