Teldryn Serious - A Quest Mod about Teldryn Sero by Undriel
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Play a fully voice-acted questline
about Teldryn Sero and his past.

Click here for the Special Edition

Investigate mysterious murders, track the path of a dangerous criminal
and discover new secrets about the citizens of Raven Rock.

  • Lore friendly    
  • Fixes Teldryn's outfit   ✔  
  • Adds hours of extra gameplay  
The dialogue-splicing was done perfectly. -Tjbassoon

Teldryn Sero's background has been rebuilt through a quest based on existing informations.
This quest revolves around people and places related to him, but beware:
he has never been an ordinary follower, so don't expect to find him where he used to be.
I really, really enjoyed this mod, it was the backstory quest Teldryn deserved, and altogether felt more like an extension of the game than a mod; which I think is exactly what a quest mod should do. -Cirrendil

Dragonborn and Dawnguard.

Where do I start the quest?

Go to Raven Rock and proceed to west, along the coast.
You do not need to hire Teldryn to start the quest.

General Notes and Recommendations

• A fresh new game is required, don't use an existing character.

• Please do NOT skip dialogues or exit them. Let NPCs speak. The quest was born
by reworking vanilla dialogues: the whole story - and the quest scripts - rely on them.

• Recommended level: 20+ but any level should be fine if you use a good strategy.

• Bring torches, lockpicks and potions with you.

• Ignore locked doors. They are meant to stay that way and will unlock later during the quest.

• If you are using mods like iNeed or RND, don't worry: you can use the bedroll
in the dungeon or a specific room in the tavern while the innkeeper is gone. Also, Dreyla will keep you fed.

• Do not clean with TesVEdit.


• Compatible with Improved Closefaced Helmets.
I purposedly gave Teldryn the base chitin helmet mesh model, so during the quest stages where he's armored,you cannot uncover his face or eyes if you have said mod installed.

• Not compatible with Raven Rock Expanded. My mod adds a little room in the Retching netch.
A patch (or fix) will be made in the future.

• Not compatible with Teldryn Sero Fix. My mod already fixes Teldryn.
The only way to fix his helmet and outfit is to remove his base outfit or change it.
I didn't want him to hang around naked, so I just changed it with a unique outfit that cannot be obtained by the player.

• Teldryn Serious is not compatible with any other mod that modifies Teldryn's base combat style, perks and abilities.

• You can use EFF, AFT and other follower management mods without problems since my mod only edits his existing dialogue and his perks. He will also cast the fire cloak as an addition to his magic abilities.

SPOILERS! If you are stuck in...

Glowstone Hall: check the buildings.

Southern Coast: hug the sea shore and proceed south-east,
you will see dead Redoran guards beyond the shipwreck.

Frossel: check the exterior area, northern part of the shore.

Lower Level: check the lights... and the smaller lake.

Ship's Cargo Hold: check the small corridor.

This video shows very little part of Teldryn's dialogue remade by this mod. For the quest, well... install and play!

Recent Updates

  • Lowered Teldryn's stats: his base level as follower is now 20
  • Solved the issue that would randomly fail to trigger Geldis' initial dialogue
  • Removed the trigger that would lock the first person camera in Glowstone Hall
  • Added a marker on the satchel after a certain stage, so people won't miss it anymore
  • Moved the trapdoor in Hrodulf's House so you can trigger the default vanilla scene with bandits
  • Changed Dreyla's complaints about Geldis so the mod dialogues are now 101% smooth and natural
  • New custom armor for Teldryn added with version 1.9.0 and all credits go to the amazing Kiriavark. Thank you!
  • Reworked some interiors, added some details and improvements for a more enjoyable experience.

Bug Reports (on older versions)

Some bugs can occur if you update the mod overwriting existing files.
Always uninstall a previous version of Teldryn Serious before installing a new version.

  • "Geldis has no new dialogue, what do I do?"
Fix: if you are installing this mod mid-game, you need to move the mod's esp file a bit higher in your load order.

  • "Dialogues and scenes get stuck if I use the night vision from Better Vampires."
Fix: don't use it. Bring a torch or find the Candlelight Spell Tome, it's in Glowstone Hall.

  • "Follower Teldryn repeats the same two lines over and over." (Occurs with version 1.6.0 and older)
Fix: Make sure to go here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts
and check for this script:
If you find it, delete it.
The Creation Kit duplicated Teldryn's base script for some reason even though I didn't edit it.
This should NOT be in your folder since it's already included in Dragonborn.bsa.

  • "I found the Argonian outside Frossel but now the quest is stuck, what do I do?" (solved with version 1.9.0+)
Fix: type setstage TSRQuest 216 in your console and press ok. This bug has been solved with version 1.9.0+

  • "The Argonian took me back on Solstheim but my quest log doesn't update. What do I do?"
Fix: type setstage TSRQuest 350 in your console and press ok. This bug has been solved with version 2.9.0+

Recommended Mods

SSE VERSION HAS COME - still needs tweaks though.

I have all the dialogues ready, but there's no marriage option yet.

I will release updated versions of this quest overtime. For now, the adventure quest is complete.

I hope you will all enjoy this mod and please, if you feel like taking screenshots and post them here, by all means, do it!
You have my deepest thanks.

To avoid any annoying AI bug, I made copies of existing NPCs who are used in certain quest stages.
This means that mods like Ethereal Elven Overhaul will not be applied on my new NPCs.
If someone feels like to make a patch, ask me for permissions and be my guest!
This will not affect your game in any way. You can continue playing without any trouble.

IF YOU SEE IT ANYWHERE ELSE RATHER THAN NEXUS, IT IS STOLEN. I am uploading this to other sites from now on.