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Last updated at 19:00, 30 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 20:33, 2 Dec 2016

This MOD adds modern design underwear for men.
The underwear to be added with this mod is made to fit the body mesh of "Underwear - Slip" from "Better males".
It matches the body mesh from vanilla and "Underwear" body mesh from "Better males".

Underwear has body mesh replacement version and equipment version, texture size can be chosen from 1k and 2k.
For usage and underwear design please refer to the heading below.

I uploaded a optional file. When that file installed, show underwear under clothing or armor.

How to use

First, please choose the one you would like to install from the body mesh replacement version and equipment version.
If you install both, please overwrite them.

1.Replacement version
Please install the downloaded file in your skyrim data folder. Activating MOD will replace player and NPC body mesh.

To change the underwear's pattern, please try the following steps:
  1. After activating MOD, please access "Data/textures/clothes/ElMensUnderwear" folder. Each of the folders 01 to 40 there is a replacement texture.
  2. Copy "" from the folder with the number of your favorite pattern and overwrite "" in "ElMensUnderwear" folder.
  3. The pattern of the underwear is now changed. Please start Skyrim and check it. If the pattern is different from the image, try a different pattern.

Equipment version
Please install the downloaded file in your skyrim data folder. Activating MOD will 40 clothes will be added, so please get it by console commande (help underwear) or "Add Item Menu".

Underwear patterns

The numbers at the top left of each pattern correspond to the folder numbers 01 through 40 below the "ElMensUnderwear" folder.

Optional Files

El Mens Underwear 1.1 Layer Ver
Overwrite after installation of equipment version. Show underwear under clothing or armor.

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Thank you so so much!

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*Japanese description and more info is here (link to my blog).