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2015 UPDATE!
Some new textures, new normal maps, hi-res alternatives!
Please upload your images in the image section.
Thank you!

by Chris grVulture Michaelides

This is a retexture pack for the city of Solitude.

All textures were made by me, and are 2x the original Bethesda textures.
All normal maps have also been doubled (even those for textures that I haven't touched), as this gives more detail to the texture.

I didn't retexture the windows, because I am using Visible Windows. You can find it here:

Please read F.A.Q. for more info.

This is a retexture, which means it will be compatible with all your mods.
You won't get any bugs in game, or compatibility issues.
If you already have a Solitude retexture, it will be overwritten.

Unzip the file in your Skyrim folder. Keep the directory structure intact, overwrite previous files.

Remove the folder /data/textures/architecture/solitude from your Skyrim folder.

These textures are performance-friendly and you will not notice any FPS loss.