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This mod gives Sven a hunky new look and adds the following features:
-Sven is now essential.
-Sven is a candidate for marriage once you've completed his quest in his favor.
-Sven will now use whatever bows you give him, instead of his default hunting bow.
-Sven will level with you from 1-81 instead of stopping at level 20.

Sven's specialties are Light Armor, Archery, and Two-Handed weapons. Sven is my favorite companion because he's so darn agreeable and his weapon skills make him great at close-range and from a distance.

To install, unzip the files into Skyrim's "data" folder, and make sure "Sven.esp" is checked in Skyrim's "Data Files" menu the next time you start Skyrim.

Sven will have a seam at the neck when you install this mod due to the "weight" value of his new head not matching the "weight" value of his old, scrawny body. The first time you meet him, you'll have to bulk him up by opening the console, selecting Sven (Make sure the console reads "00013491"), and typing the following commands:
>setnpcweight 100
This will increase his body's "weight" value to match the head and eliminate the seam. I've tried reducing the head morph's weight so he's not so bulky, but I couldn't get it to work. If you can't deal with his weight being set to max, you can always set his weight lower and equip him with armor that covers the seam.

This file was created using foretrenty's amazing Skyrim NPC Editor at .
In the screenshots, I am also using Geonox's High Res Face Maps for Men located at .
A big thank-you also goes to Zoulou for catching a serious error in version 1.0!

NOTE: Having Sven as a companion requires a little bit of babysitting. Periodically Sven likes to play a song for you on his flute, and that's nice, but for the duration of the song he stops following you. This may cause issues if you go through a door and discover he's missing. Listen for his flute after you fast travel and you shouldn't have any issues; simply talk to him to make him stop.


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