Suthay-Pahmar Alliance Camp- Skooma Routes pt.1 (Mihail Immersive Add-ons- Khajiit Caravans- Elsweyr) by Mihail Romanov
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about version 2.3- just little improvements on
pahmar tiger voices to make them look stronger

about version 2.2 release

(i changed too some Screenshots and the the cover as requested, 
the old ones and the old files are now removed)



This new version brings to you a lot of improvements: the
alliance camp is now much bigger, with much more life, npc's,
clutter, stuff and much bether atmosphere. I hope you
enjoy it. :) Take a look on the new pics on the album.



You can see bellow the old mod's cover. I'm very happy with my improvements in this modding activity. This mod was one of my first mods in years, and now he looks much better. Of course I still have a lot to learn, but step by step, I'm improving myself to bring to you immersive and good mods. That is my only goal here. :) Now I have a better machine, I buy a new computer only to this modding thing, now i can port my mods to SE, and take better SS in Legendary Edition too.

Some walk in the new V2 alliance camp:

video by  DJ Red






Some Suthay-raht Khajiits formed a suspicious alliance with a group of Pahmar Khajiits, in their land 
of Elsweyr, years ago, to sell drugs. like Skooma. Both sides are benefited with that, Suthay have
skillfull hands to manipulate the drugs, and the Pahmar know the moonpaths that connects Elsweyr 
secretly with the rest of Tamriel. Some of that secret and safe paths, had became Skooma Routes.


- 1 new location- Suthay-Pahmar Alliance Camp, on Gjukar's Monument;
- 3 new races- Suthay-raht Khajiits, Pahmar Khajiits, Senche-raht Khajiits;

- several custom voiced npc's with a lot of information about Khajiit;
- Suthay-raht Khajiit merchant with a lot of gold (she buys stolen items);
-25new npc's: Suthay-raht, Pahmar, Senche-raht and Skooma Adicts;

- 1 new armor (Alliance Guard Amor)- you can buy it from the merchant;
- 3 new weapons (Suthay-raht Elite Bow, Suthay-raht Elite Arrow, Suthay-raht Scimitar, Alliance Guard Sword)- - you can buy them from the merchant;

- You can buy a lot of Skooma, Moon Sugar and Redwater Skooma there;
-Lots of new stuff, clutter, architecture and furniture in the khajiit gypsy style;
- The Alliance is connected with the Khajiit Caravans and with Redwater Den;
- A lore friendly and immersive Eslweyr atsmosphere in Skyrim tundra.


The actual version (V1) of this mod features:

- 1 new location- Suthay-Pahmar Alliance Camp, on Gjukar's Monument, south of Rorikstead;
- 2 new races- Suthay-raht Khajiits and Pahmar Khajiits;

- 2 custom voiced npc's, a Pahmar Guard and a Suthay-raht Chief;
- 1 Suthay-raht Khajiit merchant;
- 10 new npc's: 5 Suthay-raht khajiits, 3 Pahmar khajiits and 2 Skooma Addicts;

- 1 new armor (Alliance Guard Amor)- you can buy it from the Suthay-raht merchant;
- 3 new weapons (Suthay-raht Elite Bow, Suthay-raht Elite Arrow, Suthay-raht Scimitar,
Alliance Guard Sword)- - you can buy them from the Suthay-raht merchant;

- You can buy a lot of Skooma, Moon Sugar and Redwater Skooma there;
- The Alliance is connected with the Cathay Khajiit Caravans and with Redwater Den. 

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire

The mod will be incompatible with any other mod that changes Gjukar's Monument.

This mod is the part 1 of the Skooma Routes Saga. Only the part one was released until now.
Skooma Routes pt.2 will be the mod "Inquisition- Skooma Routes pt.2"

A really want to thanks to several modders, because without some of 
their meshes and textures, that mod wouldn't exist. :)

There's the list, with my sincere thanks:

-xgf and his Dragonkiller Cart Reloaded
- Tamira and his Assorted Resources/ Phitt's Morrowind Style Lanterns /
Phitt's Sheogorad Resource / Strotis Market Stands / Strotis Old Mill Resource/ New Plants 1_3
-stroti and his Strotis Small House Resource
-tumbajamba and his tumbajamba's mounts
-Oaristys and his Modder's Resource Pack
- volvaga0 and his Bandanas of Skyrim
- artifex0 and his Digitigrade Khajiit 
-Aziara and his 3 Pahmar Khajiit Followers
-patobek and his Crimson Ranger Armor
-lolikyonyu and his Lolicept Resources
-farinelli and his Unique scimitars and Engraved bow

- Mihail Romanov


My Guars of Solstheim mod needs a REDONE, so, I released the new mod
Guars REDONE. The old mod is discontinued, and the new replaces all on it.
But you still can donwload it to resources. :)

The same happens to The Corprusarium of Solstheim, so, I will release in9/11/16 
a new mod called The Corprusarium REDONE. With big differences and improvments 
from the old one, but the old will be still disponible for resources on nexus. 

DLC size mod- See pics on my profile and also a video :)

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