Peak Aspens by mobiusbelmont
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Added: 22/10/2016 - 04:10AM
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Peak Aspens

[left]General Info: 

- This mod replaces about 65% of the aspens with green, burnt and brown varieties.  It also replaces Reach Trees with burnt and orange aspens.

- Other mods that use vanilla aspen trees, such as Falskaar, will be affected by Peak Aspens

- I have generated distant trees (tree LOD) using TES5Edit for the vanilla game and also v2.5 of Skyrim Flora Overhaul for easy installation.  An optional file is available without distant tree lod for those that wish to run DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen themselves.

- This mod was created using the resource more colorful trees by mentha


- Install manually or with mod manager and overwrite files when asked to for vanilla Skyrim or Skyrim with SFO. 

- Billboards are included with the optional file for lod generation.


- Compatible with all mods (no esp with this mod) except those that change aspen and reach trees.  It should be compatible with EVT (Enhanced Vanilla Trees) since the meshes are the same size.

- Not compatible with Realistic Aspen Trees since this mod will overwrite those files. 

- If you want even more forests and colorful aspens in Skyrim then check out my other mod Fantasy Forest Overhaul


- mentha for the wonderful aspen trees

- billboards were created by yours truly with photoshop and nifskope

- bethesda[/left]