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IMPORTANT: The script is not compiled and is executed directly from the .ahk source code file. This allows you to open it in Notepad to revise or tweak the code, and also guarantees the absence of virus, as the green icon in the Files tab indicates.


This mod is a replacement of the vanilla automove "C". It enhances automoving by controlling it from the same movement hotkey "W", avoiding the need to use a different one, and expanding it to the other directional hotkeys "ASD", producing a full automove experience.

This has many advantages:

  • You handle it instantly.
  • You can combat and roleplay automoving.
  • You can automove in ANY game, specially useful for open world travels.
  • You control your player character easier and naturally.
  • You play more relaxed and focused on gameplay.
  • You release your fingers to other hotkeys.
  • You'll never need to press more than one hotkey at once.
  • Saves some mouse movements by the use of the lateral hotkeys.
  • Prevents and solves tendinitis problems.

About the disadvantages, they are NONE. Just try it, you'll love it.

First the quick guide, then I explain it in detail:

1. Download and install the AutoHotKey program.
2. Download and uncompress this mod.
3. Choose the .ahk file that suits you by the folders text.
OPTIONAL: If any hotkey/s conflict with your setup, change it/them inside your game.  
OPTIONAL: If you want to autorun the game from the script, setup it in the .ahk script, as explained below, and save the changes.
4. Click/press on the .ahk script.        
5. Enjoy the game automoving.
OPTIONAL: To enable/disable the automove option in-game use the toggle hotkey F5.

The .7z file contains several folders offering different options, to choose the one that best suits you. Inside each folder there are only one .ahk file, and only one can be used at the same time. In some cases, the name of the file matters, and should not be changed because an internal script depends on it to function properly.

Some of these files are configured for Skyrim, others for any game using the common directional four keys to move your player character. Some are labeled as WASD, others as ESDF. This refers to the four keys scheme for which are set. I offer both possibilities because I don't like to play with the WASD scheme, and I prefer to play with the ESDF scheme. I found it more ergonomic, making easier to find the keys position by the "F" physical mark after raise the hand from keyboard, and also allows to access easily more keys without losing the basic position of the hand. So, I share it in case you want to try my way.

So, to run the script you need to download the program from the AutoHotKey web and install it. Then choose yout .ahk script option inside the .7z file, uncompress it and click/press on it. You'll find a green icon with a white "H" letter in the notification area of your Windows desktop. You can righ click on it to get some options, like Exit, to close the script.

To avoid the need to start and close the script manually every time you play the game, I offer an autorun and autoclose option in some of the files included in the .7z file.
+ The autorun option is disabled by default, because not everyone has the same game install path, nor starts the game from "skse_loader.exe". So, to enable it, you need to open the script in a text editor (like Notepad, don't use a text processor) and delete the ";" in the line that starts with ";Run, C:\...". Then see if the game install path matches with yours, if not, change it manually. Keep in mind that you have to enter the path two times separated by a comma. The first with the full path including the .exe, and the second without the .exe, just with the folder path. Once configured and activated, the game will start automatically after you clik/press on the .ahk script.
+ The autoclose option is activated by default in the files of the .7z that include it. It only checks every few seconds if TESV.exe is active, and closes automatically the .ahk script when it is inactive, avoiding having to do it yourself.

This is the list of hotkeys:

  • Directional Automoving Keys: WASD or ESDF (Depending the file you choose)
  • Stop Automoving Key: CAPS LOCK or A (Depending the file you choose)
  • Auto/Manual Moving Toogle Key: F5

To start automoving your player character, just press briefly the direction key you want to move. If you want to change direction just change the key, as you always do without this mod, but without hold it down. To stop automove is necessary to press a special key, that can be "CAPS LOCK" or "A" depending the option you choose in the 7z file. This single key is valid to stop automoving in any direction. Just press it when you want to stop your character. It is possible to modify this stop key by tweaking it inside the .ahk script, if you know how to do it. If you don't, ask in the forum and I'll try to help you.

I also offer another special toogle hotkey (F5) to switch between auto and manual moving modes. This way you can decide when you want to play automoving your player character, and when you prefer to control it in the default way by default. This key can also be tweaked in the .ahk script, as said in the previous paragraph.

This is compatible with all. The only conflict problems can occurs with your personal game hotkeys setup, and with mods that expand hotkeys, that can shock with the six preconfigured hotkeys in the .ahk script. But this can be easlly solved by changing your hotkeys in-game or in the .ahk script, to make them work harmoniously.