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Word Walls Relocated

Why did I create this mod?
This mod was created because to my surprise, I found no other mods on Nexus that moved Word Walls into locations the 
player can reach without the need of completing faction questlines in a minimalistic fashion. Other mods that do either change other things within the game with additional dungeons or straight up edit game mechanics unrelated to Word Walls.

And so I started working on this mod.

What does this mod do?
This mod moves Word Walls that the player couldn't access previously to locations that aren't tied to major/faction questlines,
this allows players to access every Word Wall in the game barring three.

Where have you moved the Word Walls?
The locations that the Word Walls have been moved to are as follows:

Base game

Snowveil Sanctum- Ansilvund
Saarthal- Frostflow Lighthouse
Labyrinthian- Blind Cliff Cave
Dustman's Cairn- Yngvild
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary- Lost Knife Hideout
Korvanjund- Kjenstag Ruins
Skuldafn- Halldir's Cairn
Ysgramor's Tomb- Serpent Stone  

Ustengrav- Sundered Towers  


Dimhollow Crypt - Shadowgreen Cavern

Forgotten Vale - Gjukar's Monument


Vahlok's Tomb - Horker Island

Kolbjorn Barrow - Damphall Mine

Raven Rock Mine - Haknir's Shoal

Temple of Miraak - Snowclad Ruins

Note: If you don't know where these locations are, click the text highlighted in blue and it'll tell you where they are.


1. The only Word Walls I couldn't move was the one at the Throat of the World, the one at Bleak Falls Barrow and the wall located in Apocrypha. This is because they are involved in a scripted sequences and removing them would likely break their respective quests.

2. This mod will likely be incompatible with mods that also edit Word Walls such as Randomized Word Walls because the mods edit similar things, mods that edit Word Wall textures and animations will be unaffected and are fine to use with this mod.

3. Regarding load order, it is good practice to place this mod quite early on as to allow other mods that edit dungeon lighting and other features to override this mod. This will not impact the functionality of this mod in any way.

That's it really, If this mod worked out for you, leave an endorsement so other people can find it, cheers.

If you are looking for the version of this mod for Skyrim Special Edition, you can find it here: Link to mod

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