The Book of UUNP Iron and Steel Vol 1 and 2 Bodyslide - UNP - Sevenbase RU by AlecsZ
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Last updated at 7:45, 30 May 2017 Uploaded at 6:06, 23 Sep 2016

= Author: gamefever

= Author translation: AlecsZ

= Requirements: Skyrim last version, XPMS Extended, Bounce Kit (hdt физика)

= Recommended: RaceMenu, Bounce Kit, BodySlide and Outfit Studio

= Original version

= Additional options:

- No Skimpy Outfit Patch
- Bodyslide Files provided
- Sevenbase Bombshell HDT with Morph TRI files
- Nif UNP HDT созданые в BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Options can be downloaded on the fashion of the original page.

= Installation:    
1.Скачать главный файл на Нексусе, сылка выше.
2.Установить мод, дальше установить перевод.

Credits List of Contributors who provided Source Material for the Mod.

gamefever for creation The Book of UUNP Iron and Steel
nisetanaka for Dwarven Bikini, Iron Bikini Armor, Steel Armor V2, Steel Nord Plate Armor
Trumpdog for Druagr Marauader Armor
SydneyB for some fur bits and some texture files, from Skyrimmeshes.BSA
tiwa44 for Spice Gear Collection and MiniDresses parts and armors used.
ChronoTrigger77 For his work on Remodeled Armor, parts used.
Theminblack Theminblacks UNPB ArmorShop suits of armor used.
MajorModder, Built brand new menu objects for gloves and boots for Volume 1 in Blender for this file.
Ousnius For Providing advanced updates for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.