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Added: 05/02/2012 - 07:05PM
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Last updated at 5:34, 23 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 19:05, 5 Feb 2012

I5K - TES IV: Oblivion style Glass Weapons Replacer


Makes the glass weapons actually appear like glass, resembling the look of the TES IV ones.

The glass has transparency, matches the green colour in TES IV, and added a slight glow making them stand out more (I thought they looked a bit dull).


There are quite a few weapons replacers out this file contains both mesh and texture files.

If you use weapon overhaul mods but also want to use this mod, install that mod first then this one and overwrite any files when prompted.


Unpack the contents to your Skyrim\data folder, overwrite if prompted.


Go to

data\meshes\weapons and remove the glass folder
data\textures\weapons and remove the glass folder

Note: You may be using mods that alter things like just the normal maps so if you wish to keep them go into the glass folder and delete the diffuse and glow map dds files.

Tools Used:

Gimp 2.0, a really useful and free image editing program
Nifskope 1.1.0-RC5 - Latest version compatible with Skyrim meshes

Credits and Permission:

You can use this mod for your own projects just make sure to give me credit for my work, and I would appreciate a it if you would send me PM to inform me so I can check it out.