Goatface - Lvl55 Nord with Proudspire fit for a Dragonborn by Goatface
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I have significantly enhanced Proudspire Manor with Console and would love your feedback please. If you think I have the right idea I'll try and learn how to use the CK when it comes out. Enjoy ;)

I've pretty much followed the good path, Most main quest's complete. Leveled perks specifically in 2h Sword, Archery, Smithing (Heavy) Enchanting & Alchemy. Married to Aela. All homes purchased.

** Proudspire Modded **
- Enhanced Entrance Hall
- Enhanced Dining Room.
- Added sleeping area for House carl
- Added Library
- Open up the top floor and gave it a Dragonborn feel
- Added a secret vault with enough storage for all scenario's
- Greatly enhanced Enchanting/Mage room
- Greatly enhanced Alchemy room
- Added Smithery
- Added Storeroom
- Added a Secret Sovngarde Shrine where you can also get a Blessing of any type.
- Added small garden in Alchemy Lab
- Removed all cobwebs, cleaner look and feel all round.

Note: Actual game is probably better than screenshots now as I have done a lot more work but Steam Screen dump seems to of stopped working?

Also it seems Admin have locked the comments so please please PM me with feedback. Much appreciated.