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Just another perk mod of mine. More Block perks for 200 skill cap.

You need Skyrim Script Extender and Dragon Script to reset your perks and try new perks.
SKSE latest version:
Script Dragon latest version:
Paid Perk Reset latest version:

My settings of Elys Uncapper are included in file. Just copy all of them to your Data folder.

Always use this with a difficulty mod (Wars in Skyrim, Deadly Dragons, Intensive Difficulty and their Hardcore settings! :)

10 ranks of Shield Wall perks: 25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65% more effective block.

2 ranks of Quick Reflexes: Time slows down 2/4 seconds if you're blocking during an enemy's power attack.

Deflect Arrows: [CHANGED] In vanilla, this perk is bugged (you still receive damage from arrows when blocking with a shield), but i fixed it: Now, when you unlock this perk, all of your body parts will be invulnerable to arrows only when blocking with your shield. No other ranks because nothing to add. (Changed skill requirement to 60)

2 ranks of Elemental Protection: 50/75% reduced fire-frost-shock damage.

Block Runner Just changed skill requirement to 90, nothing more to change, it just activates an animation.

Power Bash: Same as Block Runner, no change, because nothing to change, it just activates an animation.

2 ranks of Deadly Bash: 5x/10x more bash damage.

2 ranks of Disarming Bash: 50/75% chance to disarm the enemy when power bashing.

2 ranks of Shield Charge: First rank is remain unchanged, but when you get second rank Shield Charge will more effective to people around you (it has a "cloak" value in game files so yes; second rank will increase it's area of effect by 2x and that's mean you can throw up your enemies from a bit more far distance :)

I've tested all perks but all we're human, we can make mistakes, so if you find any bugs or anything like this, let me know as soon as possible, so I can try to fix it. And sorry for my English, because it isn't my main language. Thanks.