Great Equalizer Preset for G35 Logitech Headset by Yocaher
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Added: 04/02/2012 - 07:13PM
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Last updated at 18:21, 6 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 19:13, 4 Feb 2012

I just got my G35 equalizer set in such a way that everything from Skyrim to my own music sounds awesome.

I figured I should share this because I've seen I am not the only one that uses the G35 headset in this community.

And please feel free to submit images of your equalizer "preset" for this headset, and give it a label.

I quote "preset" because there is no preset feature. Just look at the image, and match the sliders accordingly in your Logitech Gaming Software user interface. This preset is made with surround sound off; but still sounds pretty good with surround switched on.

The music I felt sounded better with my settings as per a request by N1h1LuS ^_^ :

From Games:
Halo – Rock Anthem for Saving the Universe
Halo – Main Theme from Halo Combat Evolved
Skyrim – Main Theme (if I bring 1k up to -2 from -5)
Halo 3 – Bonus Track: Love Your Friends
Halo 2 – Halo Theme Mjolnir Mi
Halo Reach – Overture

Soilwork – (Death/Heavy/Scandinavian Metal)
Oomph! – (Heavy/Alt/Industrial Metal; Indie Rock; Electro-Industrial)
Rammstein – (Heavy/Alt/Industrial/Progressive Metal)
Mumford & Sons – (British Fold; Alt/Indie Rock; Indie Pop/Folk)
Justice – Genesis (the only song I really like from them =P)
Damageplan – (Post-Grunge)

Koopiklaani – (Psychedelic; Folk-Rock; Heavy/Scandinavian/Black Metal; Nordic Traditions; Finish Folk)

I think you get the idea of my music taste by now ;)