nordic steel styled orcish dagger with dragon text by Dr BrainDamage
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Ah, the orcish dagger, my favorite non-magic life ending medium... what better weapon to use to maim and disfigure... then one made by the orcs, a race so hideous one would not notice the difference between a maimed orc and one who is in their prime.

But, enough about your mother... to put it simply this mod is re-texture I made of the orcish dagger and an optional downward facing mesh better suited for stabbing in and slicing out, as compared to what most do with a dagger, which is flail it about like a tiny sword.

I used the textures of Nordic steel armor to add a bit of style as well as added the words; "Dwiirok" = carve : "laas" = life : "Bex" = open; ,in the dragon alphabet of course, behind the blade.

...this was designed for personal use and it's free so don't be very critical, or do, but your most likely wasting your breath.

:Issues and Bugs:

the mesh may look weird on some kill moves and it might look odd when you put away your weapon.

install into the data directory



*a moment to whore myself out*

a fiery retex of ancient dragons

a twilight sparkle retex of ohdaviing the callable dragon

...later, nerds!