Master Thuum and Thief - Trophy Achievment Save by KingGrimm
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You can endorse if you want. Just you to know.

You've owned the game with SkyUI so skse's been still running? So have done I. Almost.

I was very sad human being when i discovered skse doesn't (or didn't) tell steam about trophies. Fortunately I had learned only 19 dragon shouts (gosh, i never thought about counting it!) and i hadn't pickpocketing at all.

For 'Thu'um Master' just go closer to the wall.

For 'Thief' escape a dungeon and travel to any city. There equip (already in backpack) special gloves and amulet for % of pickpocket. And rob whoever you want with 90% on trash. 11 people left for trophy so it's not many.

PS i had custom armor on Lydia, tell me if it makes problems.