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Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim

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Skyrim Special Edition version available here.

Wildcat makes combat AI more responsive and makes combat more dangerous and visceral by increasing lethality and adding injuries. It accomplishes this with minimal scripting and no save bloat.


  • More effective combat AI: modified combat styles and game settings.
  • More visceral combat due to stagger and injuries.
  • Increased lethality.
  • Low script load, no save bloat.
  • Can be dropped into an existing load order as a complete combat package.
  • Configuration options available in the Wildcat MCM if SkyUI is installed (SkyUI not required to use Wildcat).

Fight for your life

More effective combat AI

Most combat styles and combat related game settings have been dialled up. The vanilla game features opponents that are fairly relenting and offer many opportunities to exploit their lack of initiative. Wildcat makes them much more decisive and dangerous.

Injuries and stagger

Whenever the player or another actor falls below 50%, 35% or 20% Health, they are briefly staggered and may receive a random injury depending on the victim's race. Each injury has an immediate "trauma" effect representing pain and shock, and a lingering effect that lasts until the victim is healed to full or for 5 minutes. Undead are immune to trauma effects, but are still harmed by the lingering effects.

  • Arm/Front Leg injury - Damage and chance to stagger when you attack. Trauma: Disarms the target or unequips their weapon.
  • Chest injury - Stops Stamina regeneration and rapidly drains Stamina. Trauma: Halves current Health.
  • Head injury - Stops Magicka regeneration and rapidly drains Magicka. Trauma: Target is struck by their own magic.
  • Leg/Hind Leg injury - Chance to stagger when running or trip when sprinting. Trauma: Greatly slows the target.
  • Spine injury - Power attacks and bashes deal double damage and knock down. Trauma: Paralyses the target.

A message appears when you become injured, as well as when an enemy that is in combat with you becomes injured, along with blood spatters as a visual indicator.

Note: Injuries and stagger create a harsh and unforgiving experience, which may not be to everyone's taste. Injury chance can be set in the MCM, or the entire injury/stagger mechanic can be disabled and removed from the game.

Increased lethality

Lethality of combat is significantly increased by tweaking the difficulty settings (damage dealt/taken):

  • Novice: x2.00/x1.00 (was x2.00/x0.50)
  • Apprentice: x1.75/x1.25 (was x1.50/x0.75)
  • Adept: x1.50/x1.50 (was x1.00/x1.00)
  • Expert: x1.25/x1.75 (was x0.75/x1.50)
  • Master: x1.00/x2.00 (was x0.50/x2.00)
  • Legendary: x4.00/x4.00 (was x0.25/x3.00)

This speeds up combat, making it more dangerous and making sure that every hit deals significant damage. Hitting first is just as important as hitting harder. The MCM features a "Choose your own difficulty" setting so you can customise the game to your liking.

Note: Legendary difficulty increases damage dealt and taken to realistic levels and is not necessarily harder than Master difficulty.

Timed blocking

Blocking an attack within 1 second after raising a shield or weapon blocks 25% more damage and staggers a melee attacker. This feature can be disabled in the MCM.

Combat modifiers and game settings

Unless specified otherwise, these affect both the player and other actors. Most of these modifiers can be turned on or off in the MCM.

Attack damage modifiers:

  • All melee attacks, except sneak attacks, deal 25% more damage.
  • Attacks deal 25% more damage if the recipient is hit from behind.
  • Attacks deal 50% more damage if the recipient is power attacking.
  • Attacks deal 25% more damage if the recipient is casting a spell and not protected by a ward.
  • Attacks deal 25% less damage to recipients at high Health but 25% more damage to recipients at low Health.
  • At zero Stamina, attack damage is lowered by 35%.


  • Dual casting a spell now results in x2.5 effectiveness for x3.0 cost.
  • Other actors no longer cheat on spell costs.


  • Attacks cost 10 Stamina for one-handed weapons and bows and 15 Stamina for two-handed weapons.
  • Taking a hit while holding a drawn bow staggers the recipient.
  • Stamina does not regenerate when holding a drawn bow.
  • Player auto aim on bows and crossbows is halved.


  • Characters move slower sideways and backwards with a weapon or spell drawn.
  • Casting a spell or holding a drawn bow slows movement.


  • Shields block 50% + 0.15%/level, changed from 45% + 0.2%/level. Weapons block 40% + 0.15%/level, changed from 30% + 0.2%/level.
  • Magicka and Stamina regenerate at full speed in combat, up from 33%.
  • Armor and magic resistance cap at 75%, down from 80% and 85% respectively. Max block amount is 95%.
  • Each point of armor adds 0.1% damage reduction, down from 0.12%.


Compatibility notes

Click here for a list of (in)compatible mods.


  • Fistfights (brawls) immediately end or turn into a real fight: The "Brawl Bug" is a common issue with many gameplay mods and hard to avoid due to the way Skyrim brawls are implemented. Wildcat 2.08 comes with a copy of the Modern Brawl Bug Fix included to solve this issue. If it does not, you may have the outdated Brawl Bugs Patch in your load order after Wildcat (as a standalone mod or included with another mod such as Enhanced Blood Textures). Either remove it or add the Modern Brawl Bug Fix to the end of your load order.
  • The game is too easy on Legendary difficulty: Legendary difficulty is no longer the "hardest" difficulty, but is intended to be realistic: damage dealt and taken are both very high, leading to quick kills and deaths. This does give an inherent advantage to ranged characters. If you prefer a harder game, use Master difficulty or use the MCM to choose your own difficulty.
  • My difficulty multipliers are incorrect: If you have SKSE, the mod will periodically set the difficulty multipliers according to the values specified in the MCM, overriding other mods that modify difficulty multipliers. If you do not have SKSE, this will not happen and the difficulty multipliers as specified by Wildcat may get overridden by those from another mod that is loaded after Wildcat in your load order.
  • I want to disable stagger and/or injuries: Use the Wildcat MCM to disable these features.