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About Additional Cave

Add a new dungeon to Skyrim.
The new dungeon, you can get the enchanted weapons and armor.

In the Temple of Kynareth, "Dashpool Dungeon Guide" will be added.

The book indicates the position of the dungeon.

Load screen is added. It indicates the location of the dungeon.

To be added dungeon corresponds to the Radiant Quest of vanilla.
Also supports The Notice Board.

Latest information
To add a DashPool Vellus.[Total of 17 places in the dungeon.]

It recommended the introduction of the MO or NMM.
Clean Save and New Game is not particularly necessary.
However, it is recommended to save other than added cell and Temple of Kynareth in this MOD.

Dawnguard HearthFires Dragonborn

Dungeon List

Dungeon Name : DashPool Vellus

Main Enemy : Bandit
Reward : Steel Armor

Dungeon Name : DashPool Shell

Main Enemy : Bandit
Reward : Enchanted Armor [Blocking]

Dungeon Name : DashPool Crescent

Main Enemy : Bandit
Reward : Prime Elixir

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Scar
Main Enemy : Dremora
Reward : Daedric Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpoolzel
Main Enemy : Dwarven Automaton
Reward : Dwarven Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Wrinkle
Main Enemy : Hagraven
Reward : Jewelry

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Forehead
Main Enemy : Bandit
Reward : Iron Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Hilum
Main Enemy : Spriggan
Reward : Leather Armor

Dungeon Name : DashPool Heart
Main Enemy : Necromancer
Reward : Scroll

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Dimple
Main Enemy : Orc Bandit
Reward : Orcish Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Burrow
Main Enemy : Bandit
Reward : Steel Plate Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Mouth
Main Enemy : Giant
Reward : Dragonplate Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Ear
Main Enemy : Thalmor
Reward : Glass Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool FrontTeeth
Main Enemy : Werewolf
Reward : Dragonscale Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Pebble
Main Enemy : Bandit
Reward : Scaled Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Claw
Main Enemy : Forsworn
Reward : Forsworn Armor

Dungeon Name : Dashpool Waist

Main Enemy : Ice Wraith, Wispmother, Frost Troll
Reward : Frost Weapon