Unenchanted Necromancer Amulet by Velax
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Added: 02/02/2012 - 04:34PM
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Last updated at 16:50, 2 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:34, 2 Feb 2012

This mod adds an unenchanted version of the Strange Amulet or Necromancer Amulet from the Blood on the Ice quest.

My mage is a necromancer, so this skull necklace seemed perfect for her to wear. It can be enchanted with all the regular amulet enchants.

To give the amulet to your character, you'll need to use the console.

1. Open the console.
2. Type (help "Necromancer's Amulet" 0) without the brackets, which will give you the Apparel ID of the amulet.
3. Type (player.additem ApparelID 1) without the brackets and substituting the ID obtained in Step 2.
4. Close the console.


Extract the contents of the archive into your Skyrim folder. Make sure the "Unenchanted Necromancer Amulet" esp is ticked in your Data Files when loading the game.