ENB Settings and Tint Adjustments by Vohcaz trapthemetalgod BorisVorontsov Laicus
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Added: 02/02/2012 - 04:20PM
Updated: 02/02/2012 - 06:46PM

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Last updated at 18:46, 2 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:20, 2 Feb 2012

====== Description ===============================================

These ENB and esp settings were requested by deathwarrior07 on one of my pictures.
This is a combination of trapthemetalgod, mine, and Laicus's graphics adjustments.
This mod should not have any performance loss, but WILL conflict with Realistic Lighting Without Post-Processing.

The main adjustments I made were to the enbseries.ini and to the palette. The rest is made by other authors, and i have recieved permission to upload.
Please note that this mod looks much better with anisotropic filtering set to 8 or 16. The ini should enable it, but if it isn't working, try setting it with your launcher too.

====== Updates ===================================================

Version 1.01 - Added darker nights
Version 1.0 - Initial release

====== Credits ====================================================

Boris Vorontsov for making ENBSeries
trapthemetalgod for making the original ENB config which i edited
Laicus for making the original esp, No Tint and Desaturation

====== Installation ===============================================

Put in your skyrim folder (NOT data folder), and activate Lighting.esp and Night.esp
(nights is optional)

To uninstall, just remove the files.