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Skyrim Reloaded
based on Oblivion Reloaded
totally extended and implemented by Alenet

The Skyrim Graphics Extender and much more

Skyrim Reloaded makes significant changes to the Skyrim rendering engine and adds several configurable options.
- Read this description and the documentation CAREFULLY -

Skyrim Reloaded - SKGE is an SKSE plugin that mainly modifies the rendering pipeline, adding new features and providing screen effects not supported in the vanilla game. This project is based on the Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE project, implementing a series of new features in Skyrim like in Oblivion.
SR changes the vanilla shaders and supports several built-in effects, but it has also a custom engine to support any new own effect. In addition, it has a lot of features improving several other things. It can be called a mod, but it is not a "normal" mod but a real "code patch". It upgrades Skyrim to a new version.
The main difference between SR and other plugins/mods is that SR is an extension/patch of the game. This means SR is not a mod (an addition) but it is a real upgrade of the game to a new version and it uses the settings taken from the esm/esp mods like the original game does. Mainly, it is an unofficial patch developed without having the source code. Then, it is totally customizable to activate/deactivate the features you prefer.

Skyrim Reloaded does NOT TOUCH the game executable and you need the original Steam version to play SR: Why is SR so "special"?

Oblivion version here: Oblivion Reloaded
The modding interview video: Oblivion Modding Interviews - Alenet

- No performance loss
- ENB/ENBBoost compatibility
- Enderal native support
- Direct field of view control
- Native full-screen windowed mode supported
- Direct screenshot without the HUD (with or without the MSAA)
- Real camera mode
- Sleeping mode
- High quality shadows
- Built-in shader replacement
- Shaders/effects compilation at runtime (you can modify shaders as/if you want)
- Custom effects support

- Reflections, refractions (HDR) and displacements
- Water surface modeling
- High quality textures
- Underwater depth effect
- Weather transitions, real-time sun power effects
- Water caustics, ripples, smooth waves, shoreline control
- Underwater sun rays based on sun glare
- Underwater distortion effect
- Unique location support
- Flow based water
- IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO USE THE DEFAULT VANILLA WATER SETTINGS (use the SR unique location support to personalize the water)

- Ambient Occlusion for exteriors and interiors
- Coloring based on location
- Depth of Field based on views
- Godrays based on weather type
- Cinematic effect
- Vignetting effect
- Bloom/glow effect based on location
- SMAA (latest version)
- Motion blur
- Low health and fatigue (stamina)
- Blood on lens
- Water on lens
- Sharpening effect

- SKSE plugin
- Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Redistributable Package 2015 x86
- Latest version of DirectX 9.0c (June 2010) - use a redistributable version (not the web installer).
- Latest Skyrim version


Mainly no conflicts occur but some mods could manage similar modifications to the game that could interfere/conflict with SR. Disable them or the relative feature if you want to use the one included in SR (or viceversa).

- Delete the Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini to reset settings to default (the ones in Documents\My Games\Skyrim)
- Run the game and set up your graphics settings, the HDR, no antialiasing
- Copy the zip content in your Skyrim's Data folder (or use Wrye Bash if you prefer - NMM can't install SR)
- Reboot the machine (to clear caches)

- Remove files.
- Delete the Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini to restart from defaults.

- Rename SkyrimReloaded.dll in SkyrimReloaded.dll.noload in your Data\SKSE\Plugins

About the machines where SR has been developed and tested:
- Intel i3 - AMD card - 4GB RAM - SSD - Windows 8
- Intel i5 - AMD card - 8GB RAM - HDD - Windows 7
- Intel i5 - NVIDIA card - 8GB RAM - SSD - Windows 7
- Intel i5 - NVIDIA card - 8GB RAM - SSD - Windows 8.1
- Intel i5 - NVIDIA card - 8GB RAM - SSD - Windows 10

About ENB/ENBoost:
- There is no reason to use the SR graphics engine and ENB; you should activate the one you prefer. Anyway follow these roules to use both.
- ENB doesn't support the MSAA (ingame antialiasing). You cannot use the MSAA if you want to use ENB and SR.
- To use the water shader and ENB, set bUseWaterDisplacements=0 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini if you have an NVIDIA card.
- Disable the speedhack in ENB.

- The manual in HTML format with settings and documentation is inside the package under the Docs folder.

Timeslip, Scanti, ShadeMe, Ethatron for the work done in the OBGE.

- Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls series.
- The SKSE Team for the incredible work made. If no SKSE, no SR.
- Robin Scott and Nexus' staff to uphold the glory of video games for PC

Alenet, Timeslip, Scanti, ShadeMe, Ethatron

Boris Vorontsov (some advices for the ENB's compatibility)
TesaPlus (first HTML file generation)
pharago (fog ambient occlusion optimization)
elecgs (fixed underwater CTD for some AMD/Intel cards)

- Read carefully this description page and the manual. They have been written for a reason.
- Do not post questions before reading the manual.
- Bring respect for the authors and the work made.
- Useless, unnecessary comments and posts out of the argument will be deleted.
- The Skyrim Reloaded thread is not a technical support for the game.
- The insistence is not allowed and you can be blocked.
- SR was born to implement the game and not to mod it altering the settings. So SR is developed to use default ini values. If i recommend a value, it means it is not a default vanilla value. Mainly, default settings are the correct ones to use SR.
- If you have questions about the SR's behaviour, i am available but I suggest, to appreciate really SR, to delete the SkyrimPrefs.ini and start a vanilla game with SR following the INSTALL instruction. Then adding mods later. The community is not used to think to the SR concept. You (all) should see SR on the vanilla game because other settings/mods could alter the main way to work. Only when you understand/see the game under SR, you can starts to mod it.
The order is:
1. Skyrim (with or without DLC) + Skyrim Reloaded
2. Settings
3. Mods
1. Enderal + Skyrim Reloaded
2. Settings
3. Mods

Thanks to everyone who support my work via donations, endorsements and kudos. Modding is a hobby but often it requires lot of time and sometimes money to buy proper tools.