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"WELCOME to Qaxe's Questorium! A massive DLC-sized mod! Rebuild the Fallen City of Winterhold! Discover adventure and exploration as a pirate on the Sea of Ghosts! Find the Dragonborn's Destiny as the future Lord of icicle Valley! Uncover the Mysteries of Mount Peril! Master the Arcane Arts at the School of Spellcasting! New enemies! New spells! New weapons and armors! Action! Comedy! Friendship! Killing All The Things! This Is The Mod You Have Been Looking For! What are you waiting for? Download Now! Yes, You! I can see you! We can all see you! Download! All the cool kids are downloading! DO IT! YES! I need a cigarette. ~ Old Book

WHAT'S THIS MOD ABOUT? Unlike a DLC, there isn't 1 unifying theme here. There are many stories and opportunities for adventure. There are over 60 quests, with around 80 custom-voiced characters, dozens of custom spells, over 100 new textures, unique items, drinks, followers, player-homes, towns, spread out in 9 unique world-spaces. Enjoy multiple stories and quests by playing the same way you did the first time you played Skyrim. Walk around, talk to people, explore.

LEVEL: There is something for every level here, but my goal was to give people with high-level characters something more to do. Enemies in this mod will kill you. They aren't just tougher, there are a LOT more of them. It is unlikely that you will be able to fight all of them in the same way. Variety is better than monotony. So be prepared.

WHERE DO I START?! New characters may find Captain Mead at Helgen's cave exit.
- Whitewater Falls is on the way from Riverwood to Whiterun. SE of Honningbrew, across the river.
- Smuggler's Haven can be reached by ship, at the north end of the Windhelm Docks. 
- Icicle Valley carts are located near the stables in Whiterun and Riften. (WR cart only here until you reach IV the first time)
- Mt. Peril is west of the Thalmor Embassy in Haafingar.
- Winterhold Rebuild quest can be started by speaking to "Avis" the carpenter.
- Clearspire is NE of Ivarstead, down the falls from Nilheim bandit tower.

QUESTING: Listen to your quest-givers, read notes, journals, and letters. I have personally played every quest in this mod many, many times. They all work. However, even vanilla quests can fail on occasion. If you followed the directions and it didn't work, reload the last save and try again.

REQUIREMENTS: Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC.

INSTALLATION: "Download with Manager" removed due to reports of broken downloads. Install with a mod manager and avoid manual install. There will be no .bsa version until I find a more stable tool that "Archive.exe" for packaging large files.

STABILITY: Massive battles against 30-40 enemies make your pc work hard, so save often, and make sure your Skyrim is running as stable as possible. ENBoost, the newest SKSE, SafetyLoad, LOOT, and spINI help quite a lot. Sacremas' thread on optimization comes highly recommended.

COMPATIBILITY: I'm not responsible for testing which mods work with mine. But here are some I know about:

- Immersive College of Winterhold (ICOW)
- Legacy of the Dragonborn
- Interesting NPCs: Use INPC's patch for Winterhold related mods.
- Colorful Magic compatible EXCEPT Winterhold Edition.
- ETaC compatible EXCEPT Winterhold
- Touring Carts
- Forgotten City
- JK Dawnstar
- Provincial Courier Service

UrriroSirics: Requiem Patch for Blue Elves.
Limitskies: Falskaar Patch for Dawnstar ships.
3DNPC: Winterhold Patch...moves residentially challenged man.

- King of Riverhelm (Whitewater Chalet uses same location)
- Ebonvale (Whitewater Chalet uses same location)
- Dragon Falls Manor (Clearspire location)
- Expanded Winterhold Destruction
- ETaC Winterhold (patch MIGHT be available on Etac site).
- Winterhold Edition of Colorful Magic

Qaxe's Questorium makes these obsolete: Icicle Valley, Ol Arrow Knee, Mt Peril, Clearspire, Whitewater Falls, Winterhold Rebuild.

H E L P ! The README file contains a wealth of spoilers and troubleshooting info, but maybe not in the place you were looking. If you cannot find an answer, use the "Find" tool in the ReadMe document to help track down what you need.

WILL YOU MAKE A VERSION WITHOUT "X"? No. This is a massive mod. There are bound to be things you love, hate, feel "meh" about. That's how it is.

COMPLAINTS: This mod is bigger than a DLC, and it was free. Keep complaints to yourself.

BUGS/GLITCHES: A glitch is a temporary or sudden error or malfunction. Glitches happen all the time in this game, and are often fixed by restarting the game or reloading an older save. A bug is an error or defect, and in this game are often caused by mod-conflicts, improper load-order, removing mods then continuing to play using the same character, and so on. If there is an ACTUAL bug, I want to hear about it. Subtitles not matching dialogue, is not a bug. A horse jumping 100 feet into the air then flying in a circle around the a bug. A female npc with a male voice is a bug.

UPDATE DISCLAIMER: Everyone should know this; not everyone does. Updating your mods is a gamble and a player's personal responsibility. Game-saves store information based on the mods you have installed, the way they were when you started using them. On occasion I will update this mod. In most cases, one could just update by overwriting the old files, but not always. Any update involving edits to existing quests, AI Packages, locations, outfits (to name a few) requires a player to approach the mod with a new character OR to "reset" the mod.

Reset is when you remove the mod, play & save once without it, then install the newest version. A questionable practice in the eyes of some, but it works for me. Be aware and update at your own risk.

PERMISSIONS: "NO." This mod was provided by the author as a free service, and is the creative property of the author. This mod is available exclusively on NexusMods. The author does NOT give permission for re-uploading this mod, translations of this mod, edits/renditions/merges of this mod on this or any other website(s).

This mod is PC/Nexus exclusive.

My gratitude and warm regards to those who sent donations. Thank you.

Thank you to those who contributed greatly to this mod...

"Old Book": Improved dialogue choices, lore-books, advice, stories, voices, quests and more. Please check out OAK&IV Skyrim.
Michael Butchin: Voices and Voryn Dreleth lore-books.
Anna Castiglioni of Anna NPCs: Voices
Jessica Osborne: Voices
JKNJB of Bar Fight, Tavern Brawls and much more: Voices
Jim Belfiore: Voices
Lizzard: Voices
Pandanami & Luna: Voices
Christine Slagman: Voices of Lamae & song used in "Lamae's Rest"

Markus Liberty: Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource
Phitt: Cliffracers Resource
RazorWire: Chubby Races for Skyrim - BBW
X32: X32 skeleton
Sundracon: Brotherhood Mask for Man and Mer
Qasiermo: Birds of Skyrim for the ravens.
Cad435: Airship resource

These tools were integral in the creation and sharing of this mod:
The Creation Kit, TESVedit, Merge Plugins, BSAUnpacker, Unfuzer, NifSkope, Oscape, TES5LODGen, Voice File Reference Tool.

BELOW: Old Book's "OAK & IV Skyrim" video page.

A word about LORE and lore-friendliness

Sometimes people ask me if my mod is lore-friendly. According to the way that Bethesda lore-masters have set up the lore in this game series, this mod is lore-friendly. The mod may not fall into line with what this one game has presented as lore on the surface, but the lore is not limited to one game, and has not been presented as a single, unchangeable, concrete fact. The lore was set up in such a way that it could be left up to interpretation and change. This is our reading of the lore.

Just like it the real-world, many historical texts in TES contradict each other over what the facts are, depending upon who is telling the story. In the lore, even the historical timelines and "facts" have been fractured and re-written by the Dragonbreak and by the actions of Gods. And let us not forget that time travel and alternate realities are part of the lore, and that parallel universes bleed into Nirn or try to consume it entirely on occasion.

Things that have yet to be seen in TES are still part of the lore. Weresharks and talking trees are lore, but we don't have any in Skyrim. The book "Darkest Darkness" claims that Dremora are always male, and that Golden Saints are always female, yet in the Shivering Isles we saw male Golden Saints and Dark Seducers, and learned that the Saints and Seducers had complex societies of their own.

Dozens, possibly hundreds of small towns, cities, and kingdoms are mentioned in the lore that do not show up in Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim. Hundreds more are implied to exist on other continents, and yet are never listed comprehensively in the games.

If a female dremora shows up in your game, it’s because in this particular reading of The Elder Scrolls female dremora exist. If a small mountain city that derives its wealth from trading in Ebony is found on the borders of Morrowind and Skyrim, yet that city is not named specifically in a lore book, then maybe it was never important enough to mention. In our reading of the Elder Scrolls, that city exists.

Michael Kirkbride, one of the writers who created the modern version of TES Lore, has said (paraphrased) that there are no absolutely correct or incorrect readings of the Lore, just better and worse stories. We’ve done our best to make Qaxe’s Questorium a good story (and I think) more importantly, fun to play. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. May this reading of the scrolls bring you insight, and we hope you won’t go blind.

- Qaxe and Old Book