Samurai Blades Helmet by Zyuu Fuwada
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Added: 01/02/2012 - 08:25AM
Updated: 21/02/2012 - 11:43AM

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Last updated at 11:43, 21 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 8:25, 1 Feb 2012

~This mod replace just the meshes for the Blades Helmet to make it resembles
more Samurai-ish like.
Also it's COMPATIBLE with vanilla or any other Blade Helmet texture mod.

~~~Also check out my Samurai Blades Armor mod at ~~~
(also included this helmet mod there, this page is for helmet only)

Well I always feel something was missing from the Blades Helmet in the game so i thought
it'll be better if i add the crescent moon thing Samurai usually have on their helmet.
So when i start to model the mesh i notice there's a dragon wing which then i unflap the wings
to make the crescend moon shaped samurai helm.

Also since everyone kept asking it's


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Copy files to (install folder) your Skyrim Data folder.
3. If prompted to overwrite the texture select no,
....because you probably have other texture mods
4. Start Skyrim Launcher and play.
5. Get the Blades Armor sets and enjoy.

Delete this these file which located in


Any mod that changes the mesh of the Blades Helmet.

Change Log
2.0 Added variation Alternate type with and without mask
1.3 Added ground mesh + reshape tweaks (Final Version for this model)
1.2 Added Blades Helmet mod for Khajiit and Argonian races
1.1 Added Blades Helmet mod for female Human/Orc/Elves races
1.0 Added Blades Helmet mod for male Human/Orc/Elves races

Thanks to Bethesda for making the Skyrim
Thanks to Nexus to motivate me making this mod
Thanks to somuchmonster for his tutorial
Thanks to Antomi8 for great idea and suggestion

Hope you like it!
~Fuwada Zyuu