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Last updated at 19:34, 21 May 2017 Uploaded at 15:12, 2 May 2016

Everyone, Nice to meet you

This time, that you have created your own 10 Female Followers
I was allowed to post
Because it is a Follower of the Stand-Alone(UNP Body)
It is not limited to a specific MOD

They are in Whiterun,Everyone is CustomRace

<<File Update v1.19>>

I changed the face of Flare(I made it a normal face)
Fixed a lot of mistakes

<< changed the method of MOD upload>>

"Bonkurayarou no Follower SE" and
Made the same specification

For each MOD
V1.19 with the character waiting at the initial placement position and
ESPFile prepares v1.20 to go out to work in the near field
When installing with NMM etc.

A folder called "aaTT Options" can be created in "Data Folder"
Because it contains ESPFile of v1.20 of each MOD

If necessary, overwrite the original ESPFile
(Initially, ESPFile when installing is v1.19)

Japanese file also in "aaTT Options" folder
Since it is in the "Japanese" folder
If you need, please use

If it is not necessary,
Please delete

This mod
Reliable update end

<<<"pending images">>>

I do not understand the meaning
I left it for a long time ... I am sorry (> <<
And thank you very much!
I confirmed the operation method

I do not want to take a screenshot
I am very weak, very helpful!

If you feel like it
Please send me a screenshot
Screenshots and more
Do not worry
Any screenshots are welcome

Thank you very much!!!

The user of this MOD shot
Screenshots too
Come, please take a look!

This is the update I would like to do
I almost finished.
For a while, other MOD
I think there is no update

In the future, post reply and reply to the message
I think I will be late.
Please wait patiently...

<<< Followers Overview >>>

<name> Silica( Screenshot 0001 )
<class> CombatRanger(Bow,OneHandAxe)
<height> 0.97
<weight> 30
v1.19 - Daytime:Whiterun,Jorrvaskr
v1.20 - Daytime:Riverwood,Forge of Alvor

<name> Flare( Screenshot 0002 )
<class> CombatAssassin(Double Blade,Sword)
<height> 1.00
<weight> 40
<Location> v1.19,v1.20 -

<name> Sety( Screenshot 0003 )
<class> CombatWitchblade(Fire Spell)
<height> 0.90
<weight> 0
<Location> v1.19,v1.20 -
Daytime:Whiterun,Skyforge Arround

<name> Hildaria( Screenshot 0004 )
<class> CombatNightblade(Shock Spell)
<height> 1.00
<weight> 40
v1.19 - Daytime:Whiterun,Jorrvaskr
v1.20 - Daytime:Whiterun,Forge of Adrianne
Nighttime:Whiterun Dragonsreach

<name> Khryuseis( Screenshot 0005 )
<class> CombatMageConjurer(Ice Spell,ConjureFrostAtronach)
<height> 0.98
<weight> 30
<Location> v1.19,v1.20 -
Whiterun,Temple of Kynareth

<name> Dizzy( Screenshot 0006 )
<class> CombatWarrior2H(Axe)
<height> 0.98
<weight> 50
v1.19 - Daytime:Whiterun,Jorrvaskr
v1.20 - Daytime:Riverwood,Gerdur Sawmills(Where Hod works)
※I use a part of Hod's AI package
She alone is absent with a sleeping giant before leaving home

<name> Nanase( Screenshot 0007 )
<class> CombatWarrior2H(Sword)
<height> 0.97
<weight> 30
v1.19 - Whiterun Jorrvaskr,Basement
v1.20 - Daytime:Riverwood,Gerdur Sawmills
Nighttime:Whiterun Jorrvaskr,Basement

<name> Emerson( Screenshot 0008 )
<class> CombatWarrior2H(Hammer)
<height> 0.96
<weight> 100
v1.19 - Whiterun Jorrvaskr,Basement
v1.20 - Daytime:Riverwood,Gerdur Sawmills
Nighttime:Whiterun Jorrvaskr,Basement

<name> Aoife( Screenshot 0009 )
<class> CombatScout(Bow,OneHandMace)
<height> 1.00
<weight> 30
v1.19 - Daytime:Whiterun,Hall of Dead
v1.20 - Daytime:Pale,LoreiusFarm

<name> Serie( Screenshot 0010 )
<class> CombatWarrior1H(Sword,Block)
<height> 0.99
<weight> 40
v1.19 - Whiterun,Dragonsreach
v1.20 - Daytime:Pale,LoreiusFarm

All Followers,NonLvCap,Essential,Marriage Possible

<<<Screenshot Equipment are using MOD's etc...>>>

zzjay's wardrobe - zzjay Huntress Shirt Set(Skyrim Original)
zzjay's wardrobe - zzjay Huntress Cuirass Set(Skyrim Original)
zzjay's wardrobe - zzjay Huntress Cuirass Set(Skyrim Original)
Tera Armor - UNP - Sea Rover Armor(SSE)
UNP Clothing Merchants - Brokefoot Leah Set(Skyrim Original) and
R18Pn - Argent Iron Armor - Argent Gauntlets(Skyrim Original) and
Dikr BBB Bodice 2CM Steel Pants(Skyrim Original)
Immersive Armors - Mercenary Armor(SSE)
Sotteta Necromancer - DX Mini Armor Collection SSE
Immersive Armors - PrimitiveNordHeavyArmor(SSE)
UNP Clothing Merchants - Brokefoot Vicky Set(Skyrim Original)
Rogue Armor(Skyrim Original) and Immersive Armors - HeavyShield(SSE)

Immersive Weapons(Various Equipment...)
Bishu Osafune - ju Morikage(Tachi)

<Other Equipment>
DreamBurrowsRegalHuntsmanArmor(RegalRangerBelt and SleeveBlade)
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches(Various Equipment...)
Immersive Armors - ApotheusScarf
UNP Clothing Merchants - VickyAmulet
UNP Clothing Merchants - Ashara Dagger Statistics(Black)
UNP Clothing Merchants - Ashara DragonEarringsSilver
UNP Clothing Merchants - Ashara FalmerEyeNecklaceSilver
UNP Clothing Merchants - Ashara DragonNecklaceSilver
UNP Clothing Merchants - TemptressArmStraps
UNP Clothing Merchants - TemptressLegStraps

Elysium Estate(SSE)

<Special Thanks>
Enhanced Character Edit v1.4
ApachiiSkyHair v1.5Full(Skyrim Original)
KS Hairdos - Renewal(Skyrim Original)
Hepsy Hair(Skyrim Original)
DIMONIZED UNP female body(Skyrim Original,Mesh Only)
UNP Female Body Renewal - A female face and body replacer(SSE,Texture Only)
SG Female Textures Renewal(Skyrim Original)
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents(Skyrim Original,Face Normalmap)
The Eyes Of Beauty(Skyrim Original)
Pretty Face(Skyrim Original,TintMask)
True Brow(Skyrim Original)
NifSkope(Skyrim Original)

<<<Combination recommended Mod>>>
UNP Female Body Meshes Only - Pinup(When using with Skyrim SE)
SIZE DOES MATTER - NPCs do not rescale shrink resize

It is very wonderful MOD's!
Many Thanks!

<<Change Log>>
If you only want a face only stand-alone ⇒
"Bonkurayarou no Follower SE" from Download
('Besides Full Stand-Alone and Body Mesh,Race
"Bonkura Yarou no Follower SE" and
There is no difference)

I changed 1 screenshots

Bug reports, please feel free

Now, the fun SkyrimLife!

That's All