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Do you get bored looting sacks, urns, and barrels ? What about cabinets and dresser drawers, or maybe even those static corpses ?  Always seeing the same kind of loot ? If your like me, I think the only time you looted a sack is when you wanted to look for cooking materials. And urns.. were just BORING as hell.. Maybe find a few gold and that was it. Especially if you were a thief, its almost pointless to go looting houses in the night. Well now here's Mister B's Unique Loot!! This mod will improve the kind of loot you find in all those kind of containers.  Find more unique items, from normal house-hold goods, to ore. Now you can go back to searching all those things to  find something worth-while.

What does this mod do?
This mod improves the kind of loot you can find in most containers, save chests in an immersive manner. What constitutes a Container? Barrels, Sacks, Urns, Dressers, Drawers, End Tables, Coffins, and most static corpses such as Drueger, spider, and otherwise. These drop lists have been injected with new stuff for your looting experience!

    • Killing is not your only option!  More food, crafting materials, alchemy, and cooking ingredients are available. As well as Hearthfire housing supplies.  You will even find Junk, that's right, junk! Not everything has to be valuable!
    • Salt is no longer hard to find.   Cook to heart's content! Also, you should be able to find eggs with vendors now. And Hunters should also sell more kinds of pelts, eggs, and feathers.
    • Urns are worth looting!  Improved loot includes flowers, small enchanted items, potions, and expanded jewelry and coin lists.
    • Altered Drop Lists. Draugr, Hagravens, Bandits, Forsworn, and Falmer has improved drop lists. Also, hunters have a expanded vendor lists!
    • Now adding Solsthiem support. This mod now supports the urns you find in solsthiem and windhelm, for a greater variety of morrowind items to find.
    • New Containers Added.New Containers Added. You can now find lootable, East Empire Crates and Storage Crates. They have been hand placed in areas where they already exist in skyrim. More new containers to come in the future.
    • Improved Alchemist Satchels. Alchemist Stachels have a wider variety of alchemy loot to find. More rare and ubscure items possible.
    • Compatibility. This mod is compatible with USLEEP and Clothing & Clutter Fixes. Now compatible with REQUIEM!!

There is a patch for Unique Loot, that you can use with Unique Coins here.

Suggested Mods
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To effect chests, I have two suggestions for your persual.   More Interesting Loot by Ghengisbob. or  Rebalanced Leveled lists by Alex.  

To help control how much money you make at vendors, I suggest Trade & Barter by Kryptopyr.
Improved quest rewards , try Notice Board by MannyGT.
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Clothing and Clutter Fixes by Kryptopyr.
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Dynamic Things for even more immersion!.
Try Unique Coins, there is a patch for Unique Loot.

Credits & Permissions
Credit goes to SRWO for making the new coin textures for this mod! Visit his Flickr to see the textures he is working on for this mod.

Special Thanks
Kelsenellenelvian, for helping to create the changes necessary for USLEEP .

Questions and Answers
Q) Can I use this mod mid game ?
A) Yes, but you should probably give at least 10 days of game time, for the changes to take. An easy way to get this done, is fine a low fps hitting zone, and open up the Console command window. Type "Set timescale to 10000", and just stand around till 10 days have passed, set "timescale to 20".

Q) Bashed Patch ?

A) Yes creating a bashed patch should be a necessity with any mod that touches leveled lists. This helps keep both mods intact, and useable.

Q) Compatiblity Isssues ?
A) This mod will conflict with mods that alter leveled lists.

Altered Leveled Lists Mods -
Load after Unique Loot.
This mod does conflict in OBIS, make sure Unique Loot loads after it.