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Gives you smithing perks by reading a book.

I thought it would be more realistic to acquire the ability to craft the different
types of armors and weapons through tomes that gave you the perks, simulating your
knowledge gained through research. As it is, you craft a certain number of Iron
daggers and you magically learn how to craft Elven armor. I thought having to
acquire a book and reading about it would be at least slightly more immersive.

NOTE: Not compatible with SkyRe and probably not with other smithing perk mods. No plans for a patch right now, but others are free to make the necessary changes and reupload to the Nexus as always.



- Fixed bug where Dragon Armor Book gave Steel Smithing Perk

- Fixed bug where only players with merchant perk could buy tomes (gave all books keyword VendorItemOreIngot). Big thanks to SoldierForSkyrim, theStormWeaver, and Sairven for their help in identifying the bug.

- Added a Guide Book that tells you where to get each perk tome
- Available from most smiths

- More advanced smithing manuals are more expensive.
- Daedric smithing tome available from Nelacar or Urag the Librarian
- Dragon: Farengar
- Ebony: Windhelm
- Orcish: Stronghold blacksmiths and Markarth Castle Smith
- Dwemer: Markarth outdoor blacksmith
- Glass: Scorched Hammer in Riften
- Elven: Solitude and Falkreath
- Steel: Riverwood and Whiterun
- Arcane Smithing: Farengar or Urag the Librarian
- Advanced Armors: Filnjar in Shor's Stone or Eorlund Gray-Mane


Bugs and Incompatible Mods:

-Incompatible with Dynamic merchants, whichever one you want to use, make sure the load order is a higher number (thanks to ElementCT for finding this bug)
-Probably incompatible with mods that change the smithing perk tree.



- Put esp in Data folder


- Remove esp from Data folder



Make ach book (e.g. the book that gives you the knowledge to smith
Dwemer armor and weapons) available by completing a small quest (in some
way related to that material). For now, they'll be available for sale from blacksmiths.

In the future I might make other plugins to include other perks that make sense, and
they would be quest rewards or random items found in related locations. (e.g. A book
that gave you the 15x stealth dagger attack perk could be found in the DB sanctuary.)



Feedback welcome.



Thanks to Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit.



Please edit, redistribute, and make derivative works. I would appreciate credit.

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