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It's a dangerous business, going out your front door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.

This mod adds a new world, Middle Earth, to Skyrim. This is my rendition of Bilbo Baggins's journey to Lonely Mountain from J.R.R.Tolkien's "The Hobbit". This is created from my own imagination, my own interpretation. Not Peter Jackson's. While "peppered" with some LOTR, my focus is on The Hobbit and not LOTR.
You will receive a new book, "Guide To Middle Earth" the first time you load this mod. There is also a copy in a chest on the Riverwood bridge. Be sure to read it! Questions asked that are covered in that book or here on this site will be ignored. In this new world are The Shire, Bag End, The Green Dragon Inn, Village of Bree, Inn of the Prancing Pony, Trollshaws & Troll Hole, Rivendell, Goblin Town, Gollum's Cave with The One Ring, Mirkwood, The Woodland Realm (Halls of Thranduil), Rhosgobel, Lake-Town, Lonely Mountain, and other areas. Over 500 custom NPCs added. Vendors, rings, weapons, armors included.
I have put a TON of time into this so please  if you use it and like it. It encourages modders to keep going and share with others what has taken them an immense amount of time to build.
This IS NOT a bunch of "duplicated cells" cobbled together with a couple things added here and there and thrown onto the web as a "mod". This has all been constructed piece by piece by myself and my imagination alone. This has taken me almost 3 years, learning Papyrus Script, the Creation Kit, NifSkope, and so on by trial and error and fishing in the dark as I go. I built this mod for my own game play, my own taste. At some point, I thought others may enjoy it as well. I'm not looking for "critiques". Never asked for any. You don't like it, move on. The journey continues...

While console commands may come in handy for broken quests, they can really ruin a mod's design. Before just typing "unlock" on a door, look around first. Make sure you "set the table" in Lord Elrond's courtyard before trying to enter his home. It more or less brings Rivendell to life. There is also a lever in the gazebo near Tauriel the archer. Activate it twice the first time. It activates an elven bridge for quicker travel back to Bree. Yes, I left the old bridge on purpose.

There is a lot more to this mod than meets the eye, or than I can write on this page. I am building this mod for myself and I don't want a bunch of plug-ins so I have created a ton of things that I would like to see in my game and tastefully added them into this mod. I have included a true, open-world, portable fort that can be placed anywhere in Skyrim or Middle Earth. You can be your own traveling bard with this mod. Want to cut loose and jam on a lute in the Middle of Solitude or near the peaceful river that flows through Riverwood, it's in there. Special rings, weapons, armor, not all Tolkien worthy, but things I created for my game and put into this mod. I could go on, but you'll find it all. Or you won't. I don't really care.

I would recommend equipping the "Ring of Choice" before leaving Lonely Mountain interior. Removing the ring removes you from that army. Good luck on your own.

- Mirkwood Deadwood skeleton nif file added.
- Placed debris at Lonely Mountain Main Gate. If all of the Goblins die, the debris clears away.
- Moved Goblin Catapultors over one cell to render better.
- Hobbit race added and all hobbits, clothing, and furniture updated. Made race playable with Hobbit clothes for sale at Mrs. Proudfeet's.
- Made my Dwarf race playable with Dwarven armor for sale at The Shire Smithy's.

- Fixed Smaug's treasure chest opening time.
- Ring of Power added and book updated.
- Set up all actors' death containers.
- Replaced my Cave Trolls with Witcher3 Cave Trolls. They do not move correctly at this point as I don't have their behavior files but they look much better than what I had. I also set it up for them to turn to statues after 5 minutes if you kill them.
- Mithril Armor added. It's in Middle Earth. Also made it temper-able and available for CBBE and UNP bodies.
- Mithril mining and ore is set up in Lonely Mountain.

- Added 45 more Goblins and soldiers to the Battle of the Five Armies. Any more and it becomes a problem.
- Finished the Main quest.
- Scripted Junk to work around the 32,000 gold bug.
- Removed the "Orc Strongold" dialogue from my dwarves.
- Changed vendor shop respawn time from 2 days to 1.
- Changed dead body clean-up from 10 days to 1. Should save a lot of bloat on our gamesaves.
- Revised and consolidated some scripts.
-Added custom sounds to Lonely Mountain interior.
- FaceGenData files for Five Army soldiers updated.

*Interior cells in Bree.* (May not happen until next winter.)
*Smaug's dialogue.* (Probably won't happen until next winter.)
*Get my new Cave Trolls to boogey dance.* (Most likely won't happen next winter.)

Skyrim & an open mind.
Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire are NOT needed and never will be.

I run with my brightness at 10/20 (halfway) and uGridsToLoad=7 in my Skyrim.ini settings.
IMAGINATOR - ENB??? Who needs ENB. Try this for a brand new Skyrim experience with no or little FPS hit and full, almost endless customization.
ELFX - for lighting. I created my mod without it, then tweaked with it. You don't have to have ELFX, but it improves the entire game IMO.
DatGrass or similar - to really appreciate the work I did in Rivendell. ini setting of iMinGrassSize=30 works great for me. Set yours accordingly.

NOTE: Although obviously not lore-correct, I have included a suite in Lake-Town for my own personal game. It is a "game" after all. The Suite will work as-is and contains no nudity.
If you would like to experience the full Suite, you can download and install the following mods.
CALIENTE'S BEAUTIFUL BODIES EDITION CBBE - Adds some nice detail to bodies in game in general. Brings the Suite to a "new level".
APACHIISKYHAIR - Sets the proper hair I used in the Suite and for Lady Galadriel.
DIMONIZED UNP CLOTHING RESOURCES - Adds some nice clothing for the Suite.
SUMMER WEAR V2 - Adds some nice clothing for the Suite. Also adds follower Sukque. (She can be found in Honningbrew Meadery and will follow you to the Suite and stay there even after release. She has a bed there but will not interfere with my mod if she is not used. I navmeshed the Suite cell differently so ALL followers will stay there until you have them follow you out again.)

I put a lot of work into my Lighting, ImageSpaces, and Climates as lighting and atmosphere is probably thee most important thing in modding in my opinion. I do not use ENB.

The bards will sing the Stormcloak songs and "Tale of the Tongues" from the beginning with my mod as I have set it up this way purposely.

I have kept the scripting to a minimum and tested my mod to great extent and worked out all the bugs. I clean it with Tes5Edit and TesVSnip, and also run every .nif file through NifScan. I do all of this every time I upload even the smallest update.

agerweb, VZRedemption, ray2nj, and TheBawb for ALL of your help!

Wood stoves courtesy of Strotis Oven Resource
Treasure textures courtesy of Assorted Resources (Thank you Tamira. Saved me a ton of work.)
Spriggan texture courtesy of Nexus Creature Resource (Still built my own .nif and skeleton. That was fun!)
Hobbit Outfits courtesy of Halfling Clothes (Thank you TheBawb for the link.)
Dwarven Beards courtesy of DwemerBeards 
Cave Troll textures courtesy of Witcher 3.

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