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What is SIR?

Have you ever opened up the skill menu and wondered where the stars are? Have you ever been disappointed by the "black void" and unrealistically colored nebulae? Well worry no more!

Skyrim Skill Interface Re-texture (SIR) is a modification of the Skill Menu/Interface textures which aims to provide a more realistic and immersive skill interface while remaining true to the default theme.

Quite simply, SIR provides a greatly enhanced version of the Skill Interface by replacing the default dull and starless textures with photo-realistic starry replacements. SIR also provides more immersion than the default because I have changed some textures so that when you zoom into a perk tree, the camera will zoom through star fields. This effect greatly enhances the experience of moving around the skill menu.

Manual Installation:

1. Download the Manual Installation option under the optional file section.
2. Then, open the file with WinRAR or 7zip.
3. Once open, you will see a list with all the options. Look at the titles of each folder to find the options you want to install.
4. Then, once you have chosen which options you want, open each folder. Inside there should be another folder titled either "textures" or “meshes.”
5. Drop or drag the "textures" or “meshes” folder from each desired option into the data folder in the Skyrim Directory (usually located in Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / skyrim / data)
6. Then, run Skyrim and enjoy!

NMM Installation:

1. Locate the NMM Installer option under the Main File section or press the green "Download with Nexus Mod Manager" button at the top of this page.
2. NMM should open automatically and Skill Interface Re-Texture will appear in NMM's Mod List once it has finished downloading.
3. Double-Click the "Skill Interface Re-Texture" entry to activate the installer.
4. Follow the instructions in the installer and enjoy!
5. Then, run Skyrim and enjoy!

Wyre Bash Installation:

The Wyre Bash 6.0 Installer will be released as soon as possible. It is in the final stages of development. Sorry for the inconvenience... (I will update the instructions with the arrival of the BCF Installer 6.0)

In order to install via Wyre Bash you must download the NMM installer first! Once the NMM has finished downloading, then proceed to download z929669's Wyre Bash Installer. . Then follow the directions below regarding the Wyre Bash installation.

1. Place Skill_Interface_v5.0_7308_BCF.7z into Bash Installers/Bain Converters
2. Launch Wrye Bash, click on the Installers tab.
3. Select the SIR mod package, right click and choose Conversions > Apply > Skill_Interface_v5.0_7308_BCF.7z (don't mind the error, this is just an annoying and harmless bug)
4. Right click on the newly-configured BAIN installer and select "Wizard" or "Auto Wizard" to start up the installer.
5. Install the mod, done. (instructions and steps are identical to the NMM installer).
6. If installing the dawnguard version, be sure to repeat the process using Skill_Interface_ReTexture_-_Dawnguard_v5.0_7308-BCF.7z and the Dawnguard SIR.

Version V6.0.0 (Newest Version!)

  • Added Colored Perk Lines!
  • Consolidated the (real) star background and Version 2 star planes to greatly enhance immersion! Read my article for more info.
  • Greatly Reduced NMM and Manual installation file sizes by removing unnecessary files and cleaning up the code.
  • Added a compatibility patch for SkyRe!

Version v5.0.0 (Updated Version)

  • Retextures for Dawnguard!
  • Adds 3 new perk star options!

Version v4.0.0 (Updated Version)

  • Updated ReadMe and File organization
  • Added support for Version 2 Stars due to multiple requests
  • Added several new options for constellations
  • Added new HDR Nebulas!
  • Added Wrye Bash Compatability

Version v3.0.0 (Updated Version)

  • Better pictures for newly renovated NMM Installer!
  • More Options for perk lines!
  • New Enhanced nebulae!
  • New standard star background that utilizes new layers to vastly increase realism while removing borders and lines from V2.1.0's layers
  • New NMM Installer with separate pages for each major group textures!

Version V2.1.0 (Significant Update 1)

  • Improved images for comparison in both NMM and Manual versions
  • better organization and fixed minor issues
  • removed the old "high quality" for the purpose of being simpler to understand
  • main star background now includes only enhanced default, and "high quality" which was Ridiculous

Version V2.0.0 (Updated Version)

  • Added new Manual Install File
  • Added NMM Installer

Version V1.0.4 [(Update 3)

  • Added NMM Compatible Files

Version V1.0.3 (Update 2)

  • Updated Perk Lines
  • Smooth Transitions Released

Version V1.0.2 (Update 1)

  • Updated Organization/ Ease to install

Version V1.0
  • Initial Release

Uninstalling via Nexus Mod Manager:

1. Open the Nexus Mod Manager.
2. Locate this mod under the active mods list.
3. Double-click this mod to have NMM un-install all assets (texture, meshes, folders, etc).

Uninstalling via Wyre Bash:

I am not entirely sure as I have no idea how wyre bash works. I would guess in order to un-install, you have to either re-activate the installer to use its un-install function (if it exists) or simply deactivate the mod and then manually delete the files. Sorry I cannot provide any more info on this as of right now…

Un-Installing Manually:

1. Go to the Skyrim Directory usually located under Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / skyrim / data.
2. Once inside the directory there are Two Options ( a. and b. ).

a.) If you do not have any other mods which use the…
  • (data/textures/interface) folder
  • (data/meshes/interface) folder
  • or (data/textures/effects/gradients) folder

…then go ahead and just delete the aforementioned folders.

Likewise, if you are using the Dawnguard Option, and no other mod you have installed use files stored in the…
  • (data/textures/dlc01/interface) folder
  • or (data/meshes/dlc01/interface) folder

…then go ahead and just delete both folders. This will erase all of the modified textures/meshes and thus the mod.

b.) If you know for a fact that other mods USE the...
  • (data/textures/interface) folder
  • (data/textures/dlc01/interface) folder
  • or (data/meshes/dlc01/interface) folder

…then you are going to have to go into each folder manually and delete the files that I list below.

Delete the Following:

In (data/textures/interface):

In (data/textures/effects/gradients):

In (data/meshes/interface):
  • intperkline01.nif

In (data/textures/dlc01/interface):

* Only present if Vampire version is selected.
** Only present if Werewolf version is selected.

In (data/meshes/dlc01/interface):
  • intvampireprkskydome.nif*

* Present with both Vampire and Werewolf options as the .nif is shared between both interfaces.

You Decide! Check out my article on 7.0 and leave a comment and tell me what you want to see in 7.0!

So far I have had several suggestions which I have listed below!
  • More Perk Line colors!
  • An All-In-One installer (combining the main file, the dawnguard version, and the skyre patch)
  • A lower res version for older/slower computers
  • More options for constellation overlays/perkstars in general
  • More to come...

  • [list]
  • jacktthompson: for helping me to firgure out how to color perk lines.
  • z929669: for his past and continuing help with wyre bash support.
  • T3nd0: for his great mod SkyRe and his willingness to let me alter some of his textures to make my compatibility patch for SkyRe.

THANK YOU to all of you who have endorsed this mod. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!! Your endorsements compel me to keep the updates coming!

Under NO circumstance do I give permission for anyone to distribute, upload, or use the assets contained within this mod. This is a nexus exclusive and therefore should not, under any circumstances, appear on other sites. This project has taken well over three hundred hours through concepts, research, creation, editing, and compiling thus far; so please understand my position regarding this strict permission statement.