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The rose is like any other in that it will wilt.
The more of its power that is used, the more wilted it becomes.
 Eventually all its petals fall off and it loses its powers.

Somewhere in Oblivion a new rose blooms and is plucked by Sanguine himself to be given to a new champion.

[About Anima]
Anima can be found in the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.

Spell sword
UUNP Body.
Custom Weapon created in 3DS MAX *Sanguine's Stinger" with absorb health effect.

She may be unequipped when you meet her, simple take her sword and give it back. Or not.

She comes equipped with custom ebony armor.

She's been my main character for months, I was requested to share her a few times, so here she is.

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Kuroukira "Weapon inspiration"
Bethesda for creating Skyrim
Thank you all!

1.0 - first creation
1.0a - fixed the incorrect textures for Sanguine's Stinger, removed bugged version
2.0 - Added my personal version (Updated armor, custom body, updated hair)
3.0 - UUNP body and updated armor, Two versions