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different esp files, check the readme!

Minor changes are for example:

  • some food items with stronger healing values
  • craftable fur armor
  • craftable pickaxe, woodcutter's axe ...
  • overpowered bow
  • torches burn longer
  • craftable beggar clothes
  • chance to find pearls in clams
  • changes to the geode veins in blackreach
  • craftable shiv after escaping the cidna mine
  • embershard mine has almost all ores
  • kajiit merchant chests are accessable again
  • bandits carry skooma
  • giant clubs can be taken from giants, used and upgraded
  • better beehive respawn
  • more firewood and ore
  • and alot more...

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bb4p Minor Changes and Stuff
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*** The textures for fur and hide skin were created by somebody else; I couldn't figure out who originally made them ***