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This helmet pack ports 10 helmets from the Witcher 2 into Skyrim. All can be crafted with the steel smithing requirement and improved at the workbench (or should be, let me know if they aren't). I've also included in the pack non-shiny versions of some of the helmets so they can go better with the Skyrim armours.
Steel sallet (open)
Steel sallet (full)
Klappvisor Bascinet
Open Klappvisor Bascinet
Helm of the Flaming Rose
Horned Bascinet
Captain's Bascinet
Steel Pot Helm
Steel Helmet
There will be some things that I will get around to doing and these include:
1. Rebalancing of stats if needed. Ultimately the aim is to have these not as craftable items but as items looted from random encounters with groups of these knights from the various Witcher 2 kingdoms. So the player might run into a band of 3-4 Temerians etc.
2. A couple of the helms have very slight twisting at the back. Might go back and fix these if it bothers enough people!
3. Combine the ESPs into one file. I tried with TESVSnip and just got some odd errors, and SkyEdit appears to be pretty hopeless at opening up esps.
4. Some of these helmets won't work on all races. Those in the first pack (Sallet, the Bascinets and barbute) will only work for humans (and orcs). The second pack will work on most races except Argonians and Khajits. I'll get around to making it so that all the helmets fit on all the races except those last two with the release of the CK.
Extract folders under meshes to your meshes folder and likewise for the textures. Place the .esp file into Skyrim/Data, then make sure it's ticked in the Data Files part of the launcher.
Once in game, go to forge and find them under Steel, provided you have that perk.
Meshes and textures belong to CD Projekt Red, the developer of the Witcher 2 (, who have very generously allowed the use of their game assets by modders provided they are given credit.
I have extracted all materials from the Witcher 2 game files, exported them to Blender, edited them, and then ported them into Nif format.

If you use these, please give me credit as it was a lot of work getting these into Skyrim.