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Versicolor Ebony sets
Created by Linkcube


This is a grouping of my ebony mods, as trying to constantly manage more than 3 mods generaly about the same thing seemed a bit tedious. The gilded ebony was my first mod, and people seemed to like it a lot so I've taken to accepting requests for different variations when people started asking.There is still a lot of room for this mod to be expanded upon, and one of those is glow maps, which I've added via nifskope, and though I only have added one so far, the results look good enough that I will probably begin playing around with different numbers to find good effects with them.
This mod changes the texture of the ebony set (armor or weapons, there are files for both), by adding a colored 'gild' over it from requests.


This mod has several variations on my gilde ebony mod, with the variations are all put into one file so mix and match as you like.
So far the list contains:
- Amethyst
x Bronze
x Bronze with blue lining
- Dark Blue lining
- Electric blue lining
- Emerald lining (lighter green)
- Gilded Set (lighter gold)
- Orange lining
x Polished armor with gold lining
- Red lining
x Red-Gold lining (darker gold)
- Bright 'electric' glow (light blue)

-'s are included in the latest versions
x's only exist in older versions or have a new effect overriding them


HD textures are finished! at least for now, I will be working on making higher resolution glow maps.


I have fixed the HD textures to match Beth's HD dlc textures, so that there won't be any more discoloration between the chest and other pieces of armor. Also, there is a white texture available now, which should highlight glow effects.

There is now an update containing a complete version of the Pure White set, as well as improves it to have better coloration.


To get previous effects/options or to reduce the amount of ram this mod uses, please use the 1.1 version of this mod in the optional downloads section.

Automatic (Highly recommended)

-Use nexus mod manager


Manual (Really shouldn't do this)

-Open the zip folder
-Find your data folder (in the skyrim root)
-Drag and drop the right mix of textures from the zip into the data folder


-Use nexus mod manager (recommended)

or if you used the manual method

-Go into you data folder
-Go into textures
-under both weapons and armor, delete the ebony folder (unless you have ebony blade mods, then delete everything inside the ebony folder besides them)
(Optional if you installed a mesh)
-From the data folder, go into the meshes folder
-Repeat as though in textures folder (delete ebony from wep and armor)


Please leave a comment and come back and endorse if you liked the mod! Feel free to try out as many of the variations as you like, that's what they're here for :)
(Constructive criticism is appreciated, being plain rude is not)

Since all the variations are grouped into one file, please leave a comment with your favorite mix of armor/weapons/glow so that I can get a feeling of what people like.


I am open to any suggestions on either to improve the above, or add new ones that you would like to see. Several ideas I have for the future of this is to have more glow colors/variations (red/hard/light glow).
On a side note I am fairly new to modding, and I have had much help thanks to people who have voiced their ideas and directed me to try different things with this mod, so feel free to comment if there's something that I could/should be doing :)


-Don't upload any of my files anywhere without my permission.
-Don't change any of my files and claim them as your own without my permission.
-Respect that I have devoted a lot of time to this mod, do not steal my work.