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Added: 25/01/2012 - 08:41PM
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Last updated at 21:17, 25 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 20:41, 25 Jan 2012

You may not believe, but for me - the biggest performance killer outdoors are mountains. Yeah, they are everywhere, everywhere you look... And they providing huge fps loss on every rig. So i had an idea how to solve this problem.

They are basically the vanilla textures retextured to 512x512, and 256x256
Their base size was 1024, until i decided to retexture them, they took me 10FPSes outdoors, what a pity, they weren't looking too bad.

Would you rather have good looking mountains outdoors which provides you 10FPS loss, or kinda worse looking mountains which provides 10FPS boost? Your choice.

Images are included, so you can make yourself a picture what this does and how it looks.
It does conflicts with any other mountain mod, so take care of it.
Also take in mind, those 2048x2048+ mountain mods all over the nexus will cost you really ALOT of performance. I dont want to make a bad commercial to them, but in cost of performance, i dont really think its worth it.

Backup please your entire landscape/mountains directory.

The endorsements doesn't worth it, it didn't take me too much time, only taking resolution down and adding some filters in photoshop so they doesn't look too bad. Just try it, post your feedback and i will be more than happier! Thank you.

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