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Uncapped Perks
Version 1.00

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**Report any bugs in the comments section please!!**

***Notice: I have given permission for TrueChaoS to upload fixes when required.

****v1.00 notes:
-Files names have changed. Make sure the old files are removed before running the new ones.
>Uncapped Perks.esp ---> Now Uncapped Perks - Combat + Stealth.esp
>Uncapped Perks - Optional Magic Add-on.esp ---> Now Uncapped Perks - Magic.esp

Update 18th February 2012
Due to some unforeseen issues which now demand my attention, v1.00 is likely to be the last release (unless any bugs are discovered). Thanks to all who supported my work, it means a lot to me, and thanks to all who have highlighted areas which could be improved. I wish I were able to bring all of your suggestions to fruition.

If anybody would like to make and additional compatibility patches, or translated versions, please send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if anybody is interested in completing the ENHANCED version (which was to incorporate varied effects, some scripted) of the mod message me.


Designed to complement Elys Uncapper, this mod adds stronger perk ranks available at skill levels over 100 and up to 300.

A total of 299 additional perk ranks have been added so far.


Elys Uncapper:

Skyrim Script Extender:

(Any version configuration is fine depending on what game patch you want to use)


Copy Uncapped Perks.esp into your Skyrim data folder and activate it in your mod list.

If using the modular version, only copy the esp files corresponding to the skills you want changed.

Uncapped Perks - Optional Magic Add-on.esp is a complementary patch that adds additional edits to Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion and Restoration perks. (Full version only)


Delete any Uncapped Perks .esp files from your data folder.


Some compatibility issues may arise from using the full or modular versions together with another mod which changes the same perks.

WARNING: Using SkyUI patches will remove all edits to some perks in the Restoration and Alteration trees.

Version History
v1.00 Changes:
-Fixed some incorrect requirements (Thanks to TrueChaoS for finding these)
-Fixed a few incorrect conditions
-Fixed some incorrect descriptions (Thanks to TrueChaoS for finding these)

v0.99d Changes:
-Fixed incorrect requirement for Haggling perk
-Fixed incorrect requirement for Stealth perk

v0.99c Changes:
-Added Nexus MM install script.

v0.99b Changes:
-Fixed some incorrect spell names
-Changed Aspect of Terror to only work on Illusion spells
-Changed all perk spell additions to have unique names
-Fixed incorrect equipment slot data in several perk spells
-Fixed incorrect values in Assassin's Blade perk

-Added SkyUI compatibility plugins

v0.99a Changes:
-Fixed an empty field in Night Thief
-Fixed incorrect condition in Augmented Frost perk
-Fixed and empty field in Magic Resistance perk
-Fixed empty field in Regeneration perk

v0.99 Changes:
-Fixed incorrect requirement for Stealth perk

Added new optional magic add-on:
-Added ranks to Animage perk
-Added ranks to Atronach perk
-Added ranks to Aspect of Terror perk
-Added ranks to Augmented Flames perk
-Added ranks to Augmented Frost perk
-Added ranks to Augmented Shock perk
-Added ranks to Dark Souls perk
-Added ranks to Hypnotic Gaze perk
-Added ranks to Kindred Mage perk
-Added ranks to Magic Resistance perk
-Added ranks to Necromancy perk
-Added ranks to Rage perk
-Added ranks to Recovery perk
-Added ranks to Stability perk
-Added ranks to Summoner perk
-Added ranks to Twin Souls perk (!! MAY NOT WORK !!)

v0.98a Changes:
-Fixed Two Handed freeze error

v0.98 Changes:
-Changed Deep Wounds skill requirements to match Bladesman
-Added new ranks to Hack And Slash
-Added new ranks to Limbsplitter
-Added a few ranks to Skullcrusher. Loosely follows Bone Breaker
-Fixed blank field in Warmaster perk

v0.97 Changes:
-Fixed incorrect condition order in Allure perk
-Fixed incorrect skill requirement for Allure perk
-Fixed incorrect condition order in Backstab perk
-Fixed a few incorrect variables in Backstab perk
-Fixed missing conditions in Critical Charge perk
-Fixed missing conditions in Deep Wounds perk
-Fixed incorrect variables in Extra Effect perk
-Fixed missing conditions in Great Critical Charge perk
-Removed duped conditions in Paralyzing Strike perk
-Removed duped conditions in Warmaster perk

v0.96 Changes:
-Fixed Green Thumb perk in modular version
-Fixed incorrect purity requirement
-Fixed broken Light Fingers perk
-Fixed incorrect Wind Walker description
-Fixed incomplete form in Eagle Eye
-Removed Steady Hand perks which were counter-active
-Added Tytanis Compatibility version

v0.95 Changes
-Fixed a few incomplete forms in Barbarian perk
-Fixed a few incorrect references in Deep Wounds
-Fixed missing Devastating Blow perks in modular version
-Fixed an incomplete form in Extra Effect perk
-Fixed missing Savage Strike perks in modular version
-Fixed incorrect descriptions in Snakeblood perk
-Fixed Tower Of Strength perk which was inactive

-Reduced Assassins Blade rank 2 skill requirement to 100
-Reduced Critical Charge rank 2 skill requirement to 90
-Reduced Critical Charge rank 3 skill requirement to 180
-Reduced Critical Shot rank 4 skill requirement to 200
-Reduced Cushioned rank 2 skill requirement to 110
-Reduced Cutpurse rank 3 skill requirement to 160
-Reduced Dual Flurry rank 3 skill requirement to 110
-Reduced Dual Flurry rank 4 skill requirement to 190
-Added rank 5 to Dual Flurry: Skill 280 - Dual wielding 75% faster
-Changed Dual Flurry rank 3 effect to 45%
-Changed Dual Flurry rank 4 effect to 60%
-Reduced Dual Savagery rank 2 requirement to 120
-Reduced Dual Savagery rank 3 requirement to 190
-Added rank 4 to Dual Savagery: Skill 280 - 100% Dual wield damage bonus
-Reduced Eagle Eye rank 3 skill requirement to 140
-Reduced Eagle Eye rank 4 skill requirement to 250
-Changed Eagle Eye effect values:
-Rank 2: Zoom x1.8 for 8 stamina/sec
-Rank 3: Zoom x2 for 6 stamina/sec
-Rank 4: Zoom x2.4 for 4 stamina/sec
-Reduced Elemental Protection rank 2 requirement to 100
-Reduced Elemental Protection rank 3 requirement to 200
-Added Elemental Protection rank 4: Skill 300 - 90% fire/frost/shock reduction
-Reduced Extra Effect rank 2 requirement to 200
-Added Extra Effect rank 3: Skill 300 - 4 enchantments on 1 item
-Reduced Great Critical Charge rank 2 skill requirement to 90
-Reduced Great Critical Charge rank 3 skill requirement to 180
-Reduced Muffled Movement 2 skill requirement to 80
-Reduced Muffled Movement 3 skill requirement to 150
-Added Muffled Movement rank 4: Skill 260 - 95% Armor noise reduced
-Reduced Power Shot rank 2 skill requirement to 80
-Reduced Power Shot rank 3 skill requirement to 130
-Added Power Shot rank 4: Skill 200 - 90% Chance to stagger with bows
-Reduced Quick Shot rank 2 skill requirement to 160
-Reduced Quick Shot rank 3 skill requirement to 220
-Added Quick Shot rank 4: Skill 300 - 100% Faster bow draw
-Reduced Steady Hand rank 3 skill requirement to 120
-Reduced Steady Hand rank 4 skill requirement to 200
-Added Steady Hand rank 5: Skill 300 - Time slowed by 90%
-Reduced Tower Of Strength rank 2 skill requirement to 90
-Reduced Tower Of Strength rank 3 skill requirement to 150
-Added Tower Of Strength rank 4: Skill 250 - 95% Less stagger
-Reduced Wind Walker rank 2 skill requirement to 120
-Reduced Wind Walker rank 3 skill requirement to 200

v0.91 Fixes:
-Fixed accidentally deleted references in Deep Wounds perk

v0.9 Changes:
-Fixed incorrect values in Assassins Blade perk
-Fixed incorrect reference which was breaking the Stealth perk
-Removed unnecessary edits in modular versions

-Added to Bullseye perk
-Added to Critical Charge perk
-Added to Cushioned perk
-Added to Devastating Blow perk
-Added to Disarming Bash perk
-Added to Great Critical Charge perk
-Added to Muffled Movement perk
-Added to Paralyzing Strike perk
-Added to Power Shot perk
-Added to Quick Shot perk
-Added to Savage Strike perk
-Added to Steady Hand perk
-Added to Tower Of Strength
-Added to Warmaster perk

v0.81 Changes
-Fixed incorrect description in Dual Flurry perks.
-Changed Bladesman and Deep Wounds perks to stack critical chance

V0.8 Changes:
-Fixed a few missed condition references
-Changed Skullcrusher skill requirement to 200

-Added additional ranks to Dual Flurry perk
-Added additional ranks to Extra Effect perk
-Added additional ranks to Extra Pockets perk
-Added additional ranks to Night Thief perk
-Added additional ranks to Snakeblood perk
-Added additional ranks to Soul Siphon perk
-Added additional ranks to Soul Squeezer perk
-Added additional ranks to Well Fitted perk
-Added additional ranks to Wind Walker perk

v0.7 Changes:
-Added correct condition references for all perks
-Balanced most perks - now much less overpowered

v0.63 Changes
-Fixed error in Green Thumb perk

v0.62 Changes:
-Fixed an incorrect reference in the Armsman perk

v0.61 Changes:
-Added no magic edits version.
-Fixed an infinite loop in the Bladesman perk

v0.6 Changes:
-Added optional modular version - one plugin per skill tree.
-Added additional ranks for a few more perks

-Initial release

For a full list of changes, see the Change Log!


Don't use my files without asking!!