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This is just a set of save file I have decided to share in this time of reload and start over. All of the save were from after a fresh game download and steam game cache verification. Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfires were installed at the time of saving as well as the Bethesda highRestexturePack's. I hope this helps you along the way to a speedy game restart.

The images show gear and gold in inventory. I have sold the junk to the store and started the two quests "before the storm" and "The Golden Claw" and am heading to Whiterun in the 009 save.

Experienced player restarting can use this to save some time from doing the mundane 'Walk".

If using a new steam account you  will not get the achievement 'Unbound" if you care about those things.

A fair warning for anyone using these saves. alt3rn1ty asked "Did you clean the master files with TES5Edit before starting the game ?" My answer to that is yes to save 7, which was from when I first made this save. Saves 8 and 9 were played forward in a test in a game that the master files had not been cleaned. My thought is that if you used save 9 there may be burned in data on that save. It will not effect a player unless that person is a meticulous TES5edit user. To any one wanting to learn more on this, read alt3rn1ty's post in the comment section.