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Last updated at 18:15, 27 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 19:11, 24 Jan 2012

You are Sakura Graceblade, a female Nord, right after Hadvar has asked who you are. From here you are ready to begin your adventures, but you will need some things first. This character was created with many mods installed, so don't be alarmed if you get the "content is missing" warning. This isn't a simple install & play however, you will need other files which have been linked below.

An alternate role-playing save game is also included, for those who feel inclined. An origin story is included for greater immersion! If using this save game you will need the 2nd required file (listed below)

Lightning can now be found in The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun with the follower mod. She wears blades outfit, and wields blaze edge. I highly recommend using UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul), as it allows a great deal of customization, and you can change her outfit (in case it she doesn't auto-equip it). If you're having trouble getting her to follow/marry you, use the mod here.

She should work fine with all DLCs.

Required Files for non-standalone:
Additional Files
Only for Alternate RP
These are placed inside the "Skyrim" folder, not the data

Calientes Female Body Mod
Blazefire Saber
Requested Armor
Lightning's younger sister; Serah
Discovered Armor (XIII)

Update 3.11: Attempted to fix the dark face problem some users have been having (myself included). Worked with my save, hopefully it'll help others!

Update 3.1: Added a weaker version in case she seems too strong for some

Update 3.0: Added my own personal standalone follower. Should be compatible with whatever skin textures you use, however, if you want her to look like the pictures, use the "required files". She has less health than my previous version, but has more spells and perks this time around. She's still essential so don't worry about her dying. Let me know if there are any problems...I really hope there aren't ;)

Update 2.5: Darthanimal has graciously updated the follower. She now does not require any other files. She can still be found at the Drunken Huntsman, and uses one hand and magic (or a shield if she feels like it). Make sure to let Darthanimal know how much his work is appreciated!

Update 2.25: Follower has some minor fixes. Now will use weapon as well as magic (instead of just magic), is essential (forgot that in the original file), and got rid of her "hidden" armor.

Update 2.0: Major overhaul of follower. Skin tone should be fixed, let me know of any problems in the comments

Update 1.15: Added a prototype Lightning follower. Still need to make some changes, but it should work. Make sure to download the required files, as well as Blaze Edge. Requested Armor not required.

Update 1.1: Updated faces in the savegame. New pictures have been posted to reflect the changes. Keep in mind that Blaze Edge (Lightning's FF13 sword) and Lightning's FF XIII-2 armor are not included.

Installation - Save game:
1. Place .ess in your "Saves" folder. Should be under My Documents > My Games > Skyrim.
2. Download required files. Alternate RP users (Sakura) will need both, regular (Lightning) just need the first
3. Extract required files to "Skyrim" folder. Alternate RP file goes into "Data" folder
4. (Optional) Download suggested mods, to make her look even better
5. Play!

Installation - Follower-non standalone
1. Install file either by NMM or extracting to "Data" folder
2. Download required files
3. Extract required files to "Skyrim" folder
4. Check Lightning.esp is checked in launcher/plugins(NMM)
5. (Optional) Download suggested mods, like UFO or Marry and Companion Free
6. Play!