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New plantable Ingredients:

Ash Creep Cluster
Ashen Grass Pod
Crimson Nirnroot
Daedra Heart
Elves Ear
Frost Mirriam
Giant's Toe
Hanging Moss
Human Flesh
Human Heart
Jarrin Root
Poison Bloom
Spawn AshTaproot
Trama Root
Yellow Mountain Flower

New plantable Food /Vegetable:

Green Apple
Red Apple
Soul Husk

New craftable at Grinding Mill:

Bone Meal                                    1 Skull
Vampire Dust                               1 piece of Vampire Armor or clothes
Powdered Mammoth Tusk             1 Mammoth Tusk
Void Salt                                      1 empty Petty/Lesser/Common (each) Soulgem, 1 Salt Pile
Fire Salt                                       1 Torch, 1 empty Petty/Lesser (each) Soulgem, 1 Salt Pile
Frost Salt                                     1 empty Petty/Lesser (each) Soulgem, 1 Salt Pile, 1 Ice Wraith Teeth

New craftable at CookingPot:

Spriggan Sap                                2 Taproot
Troll Fat                                      1 Troll Skull
Wisp Wrappings                           1 Linen Wrap, 1 Glow Dust

Glow Dust                              1 Salt Pile, 1 Nirn Root
Dwemer Oil                            1 Dwemer Cup  or 1 Dwemer Plate or 1 Dwemer Dish or 1 Dwarven Helmet

Ectoplasm                                    1 Netch Jelly, 1 Luna Moth Wing, 1 Glow Dust, 1 filled Black Soul Gem
Jarrin Root                                   1 Poison Bloom, 1 Crimson Nirnroot, 1 Deathbell, 1 Briar Heart , 1 Nightshade



Installation /Uninstallation:

Any mod manager is highly recommended and specific tutorials are to be considered.

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