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"Randver's Blade"
The backstory:

The "Randver's Blade" is an ancient sword known for traveling between dimensions.
It was first used in Norway at the age of the vikings, but moved on to other dimensions that it felt
needed its power. The blade was crafted by the legendary Thor, and then passed on to the mortals as a gift. With a grip made
from the strongest wood in the "Taiga" and steel gathered from the greatest mines of the north, the "Randver's Blade" is a one of a kind weapon.

The weapon went missing after the age of vikings, and was rumored to have traveled to a mysterious place the inhabitants of
Asgard called Sovngard. They described the place as Asgard's sister, a place where fallen heroes would dwell to the end of ages.

Further information was lost, the only piece of information that remained was that the blade was ready for its
comeback, and that the mortal carrying it was a person with the blood of dragons flowing trough their veins...
Thanks to Sirtaj for making it craftable!

Model made by: Rojjter
Texture made by: KevSer

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