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Last updated at 3:19, 20 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 20:48, 21 Jan 2012

Makes the Unarmed weapons in this mod use the One-Handed perks..
This includes:
Bone Breaker
Fighting Stance
Critical Charge (Unarmed does not have a Sprinting Power Attack by default though)
Savage Strike
Paralyzing Strike (Unarmed does not have a Backward Power Attack by default though)
Dual Flurry
Dual Savagery

How To Get

Craft them at a forge.. the Iron Fist is available to everyone to make the better versions need the smithing perks.

Or you could alternativly use the console.
Open your console and type:
help "fist" 4
Use Page Up and check the top of the list.. there should be a list with Daedric Fist, Dwarven Fist and so on.
Check the number that looks like xx001001 (the xx is different depending on your mod list).
Then type:
player.additem "the number you found" 1
If done correctly you should have your weapon now.


Unarmed Combat by Eldiran (Script makes you gain OneHanded skill while fighting with your fists and adds some extras like disarm on powerattack and such).


If you want your unarmed to level one handed install "Unarmed Combat by Eldiran" first but don't use his ESP.
Then install "Unarmed Enhanced" this mod with either NMM or copy the Data folder into your Skyrim Installation and overwrite when asked.
Then activate the ESP either with NMM, the launcher or some other tool.


Deactive the mod with NMM or delete the file ../Skyrim/Data/Unarmed Enhanced.esp


Pretty much any mod that changes the perks from the One-Handed tree.

Known Bugs

- Fists of Steel and Khajiit Claw are a bit unbalanced (The Khajiit extra claw damage can be lowered/removed via the ini).
- The fist weapons can be dropped but due to having no ground model can't be picked up again.
- Killmoves for unarmed only work when dual wielding fist weapons.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating the game
Thanks to Dave Humphrey for making SkyEdit
Eldiran for the idea and his Unarmed Combat mod script and ofcourse the Ini file.

Tools Used

SkyEdit 0.050a


You can use the file however you like just remember to give credits where due.