Dova Hideout Rugs and Banners - New Exotic Furs by mgbeach and trixterpriest
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Added: 21/01/2012 - 08:06PM
Updated: 26/01/2012 - 11:12AM

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Last updated at 11:12, 26 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 20:06, 21 Jan 2012

Just made a couple of more dragonborn-themed rugs and banners for the killer hideout that Shawkab has made and continues to work on.

These are replacer textures so you very well may see them around in the world at large. The mesh for the square rug is from Whiterun, the banners are from Sovngarde and the long rug is a general file.

This is intended to be used with Shawkab's hideout mod that can be downloaded from

EDIT 01/23/12:

Through a collaborative effort with trixterpriest, we're able to bring you a lot more color variety to choose from when decorating your Dovakiin Hideout. Using my textures and her color tweaking, there are now 17 different color sets to chose from, including the originals. The colors are labled as so: Enjoy! Mix and match if you want... go crazy ;p New sets are in the works so if you have a color suggestion, put it in the comments.

To Install: You do NOT need to install the main file before installing the optional color files, they are all inclusive. Just extract the zip of your favorite color set and copy the Data Folder into your Skyrim Folder. It will overwrite any previous installs of this mod. Keep in mind this mod is a replacer so you may see these rugs and banners out in the rest of Skyrim.

Edit 01/24/12:

Added Version 1.4... a set of three Pastel colors... Blue, Pink, and Green... simple weave rugs with no decorations and with a white silver dragon emblem on the banners. For those of us who like a little lighter color in our lives.

Edit 01/24/12:

Added Version 1.5... a set of Exotic Furs in three different colors... mix and match to show all your Hideout guests what a great hunter you are! Or perhaps just get in touch with your inner barbarian as you throw on your Forsworn armor for a night of dancing round the campfire!