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Last updated at 20:56, 30 May 2016 Uploaded at 19:06, 25 Jun 2015

SKSE (1.7.3+) is required to run this mod.
Skyrim ( is required to run this mod.
SKYUI (latest version) is optional - necessary if you want map markers on other players.
Visual C++ redistributable 2015 x86 & x64: is required to run this mod.

Tamriel Online is a wip mod that will let you play Skyrim with your friends. This mod aims to allow multiple people to play together, with/without the same mods, in the simplest way possible.

This is NOT an MMO mod. It is not designed for thousands of concurrent players, or to do consistency checks on people who might "cheat". I believe that Skyrim is a wonderful game, one that would be even better with friends playing alongside, and affecting the world with you.

To that end, this mod will add as much interaction, and interplay, between games as possible.

Run the server software locally, on a VPS, or dedicated server to start playing immediately.

A big thanks to everyone over on Reddit who helped me test/find issues with the mod:

Please post any bugs you find, so that they can be fixed asap. (before posting a bug, please make sure that the problem isn't covered on this page, or in other bugs)


Host Server (LAN server setup)

1. Download both the Server and Client files from the File download section.
2. In Windows, click on Start menu. go to All Programs, Accessories, then click on Command Prompt.
3. Type ipconfig and press enter. Look for the first IPv4 Address and
write down the address on a piece of paper. (This will be your Local IP
4. Open the downloaded Tamriel Online Client folder and copy or drag the following files to the steamapps/common/Skyrim folder: TamrielOnline.ini, Data
5. Open the downloaded Tamriel Online Server folder and run the TamrielOnline_Live_Server.exe
6. Launch Skyrim with SKSE
7. Load or Start new game.
8. After your character has loaded, press the 'Home' key to connect.

Host Server (Public server setup)

1. Follow LAN instructions for host, but change local IP to WAN IP.
2. WAN IP can be found here -
3. Port Forward '1283'

Client Player (Connecting to LAN server)

1. Download only the Client file from the File download section.
2. Open the downloaded Tamriel Online Client folder and copy or drag the following files to the steamapps/common/Skyrim folder: TamrielOnline.ini, Data
3. Open TamrielOnline.ini and find "connectionip=". Replace with the local IP address of the host server you wish to connect to. (Unless the server is running on the same computer as the client, in that case, leave it
4. Launch Skyrim with SKSE
5. Load or Start new game.
6. After your character has loaded, press the 'Home' key to connect.
*If you're having trouble installing the client cad435 has created an installer, you can find it HERE - just follow the readme in the zip and you should be set.

Client Player (Connecting to Public server)

1. Follow LAN instructions for Client Player, but replace the local IP address for the host's WAN IP.

(thanks ElmoTheMuppet for the updated installation guide!)

*You can save while online, when you load the save (offline) the other player characters will disappear in a few seconds.
*Disconnect (press home again) before loading a new save while online, or you will crash.


None of these servers are run by me, please report if a server is down.

(if you would like your server listed here, just let me know)

2.4.0.u4 - Changed the way NPC sync retrieves nearby NPC's, it SHOULD work with Random Encounters now. The new method is a bit more intensive, so there may be a performance hit on lower end PCs. This will require testing and feedback to confirm.

Upgraded to the latest SmartFox api in the client, and moved to the latest SmartFox server.
The client can now be installed from NMM. If you have issues activating the mod after disabling it, reinstall. Due to this change, manually installing the mod will require a little bit more work. As the files previously located in the main file directory are now located in the "fomod" folder.

Adjusting the port in "TamrielOnline.ini", now works as intended. Do not forget to change the server port in the smartfox settings files if you're changing the port from the default "9933".

Added in protections for crashing in-game. You should no longer crash if the server is closed, or when other players crash (this requires confirmation).

The server should automatically initiate a change of the host when someone goes offline in the same location.


Death Alternative -

World State Synchronization
  • NPC synchronization - Whether NPC's are alive or dead, their position, whether they are fighting, etc...
  • Quest synchronization
  • Weather synchronization
  • Time of day synchronization
  • Static items synchronization (items dropped/changed by the player)
  • Random encounter synchronization
  • Companion synchronization
  • Global Variable/Settings synchronization.
Greater interaction
  • Support more animations
  • Riding horses
  • Button activation synchronization
  • Better combat support
  • Companion synchronization
  • Equipping and using shouts.
  • Reviving other players.
Server Options
  • No friendly fire.
  • No pausing in menus.
  • A list of people online.
  • Modding API, to allow the creation of general purpose, networked mods.
  • Specify the mods required to join a server.
  • Change how death works, possible revival mechanic.
  • Investigate adding a server list in-game.
  • Bug fixes

Updates should be once a week, at the end of the weekend, after this week.
Credit for the images goes to: BrandonJP_
and thedevil5600 and nnaatthhaann


  • One of the mods features is not working properly.
Try running SKSE as administrator, instead of running it normally.

  • I do not have a "home" key.
Change the "key=0x24" (aka "home") in "TamrielOnline.ini" to another key listed in "TamrielOnline.ini"

  • What does "questtype" do, in "ServerSettings.ini"
"questtype" determines the type of synchronization, -1 (no synchronization, best performance), 0 (host synchronization, default), 1 (ffa synchronization, everyone's quests synchronize with everyone else).

  • My character is not synchronizing on other computers.
Double check that your firewall is not blocking outgoing UDP traffic, and try reconnecting. Try increasing "startuptime" in "TamrielOnline.ini" to a longer time period (the value is in seconds).

  • Other people's characters are not synchronized on my computer.
Double check that the other person(s) firewall is not blocking outgoing UDP traffic, and have them try reconnecting. Ensure that your server is accessible, and that incoming UDP traffic is not being blocked by your firewall.

  • I am getting frequent crashes, and the game is chugging.
This may be caused by your ENB. Some ENB's enter framelimiting mode when you press "home". To solve this, change the "key=0x24" (aka "home") in "TamrielOnline.ini" to another key listed in "TamrielOnline.ini"

Crashes can also be cause by selecting object/actors/etc... in the console window. When selecting something for use with a console command, clear it before closing the console.

  • I get "failed to connect" when trying to connect to the server.
Ensure that your firewall/av is not blocking the Skyrim, SKSE, or TamrielOnline.asi. Check and make sure that there are no spaces on the line with the ip you are connecting to. To help determine the source of the issue, try connecting to a public server. If you are unable to connect to a public server, then you may want to go through the process again to ensure that everything is setup properly.

  • I don't ever get any messages telling me to press "home".
Make sure that you are running the game, as admin, through SKSE. Check that both "TamrielOnline.asi" and "ScriptDragon.dll" are not blocked (check each file's properties for an "unblock" option). Ensure that ALL files from the zip are installed, that you have met all the requirements listed at the top of the page.

  • I'm having trouble connecting via port forwarding.
Try using hamachi instead. Make sure that everyone has hamachi, connect to one another through hamachi, and have everyone (except the host) use the hosts HAMACHI IP in their "TamrielOnline.ini" settings. The host can leave the ip set to "".

  • Duplicates of my character are appearing, and mirroring what I do.
Double check your server settings, and ensure that "testing" is set to false. If the issue persists, it is likely a known bug, which has yet to have a permanent solution. In the meantime, you can try connecting through another computer, or internet connection.

  • There are clones of people everywhere.
It's a bug that occurs when people close out of skyrim without first disconnecting from the game. To get rid of clones, you can use "markfordelete" in the console. This bug is being worked on.

  • Other players are not appearing when I enter "xyz" building, or when I fast travel to "xyz" location.
Try reconnecting, or have the other players reconnect. This is a bug with the position synchronization, that is being worked on.

  • I cannot exit books, I do not hear dialogue, or my menus are messed up.
Try opening and closing the console once. This happens when the server has set "canpause=false", the nopause option is not working 100% yet, and as such can cause a host of menu glitches.

  • I crash when I load a save while connected.
To prevent crashing, it is best to disconnect from the server before loading a new save.

Tutorial français
- by MrSponge67

Russian Instructions - by Silvio_Manfred
 Инструкция по игре в Skyrim Multiplayer:
    - устанавливаем игру The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Legendary,
    - устанавливаем Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) в директорию с игрой,
    - качаем клиент Skyrim Multiplayer и распаковываем содержимое архива в указанные директории,
    - открываем TamrielOnline.ini в директории SteamGames\SteamApps\common\Skyrim,
    - изменяем локальный IP адрес "connectionip=" на IP нашего тестового сервера "connectionip=" или же на любой другой IP сервера, который вам известен,
    - заходим в игру используя skse_loader.exe и загрузив сохранение нажимаем кнопку "home" и автоматически подключаемся к указанному в предыдущем пункте серверу,
    - приятной игры.
Где вы можете найти все ссылки?
Заходим на подписывается, после чего заходим в раздел меню "ссылки и инструкции".
Русский портал & & находится в разработке.
International site (main .com) & & in-dev.

Tamriel Online by Siegfre [Traduzione Italiana by xKira]
La mod permette di conettere due o più computer alla stessa sessione di gioco, sincronizzando vari aspetti del gioco. Per ora sono disponibili solo azioni di base, con il tempo si potranno fare anche le quest insieme. Si possono usare mod diverse, non è un problema.
File Necessari 
SKSE [1.7.2] (Lo si trova consiglio il 7z archive. )
ScriptDragon [1.9.32] (Lo si trova su )
Skyrim Update 13, []
Principalmente ci sono due tipi di connessione, una in LAN (tra pc nella stessa "casa") e Online (tra cui sono presenti anche dei server dedicati)
Se volete Hostare
inserite il Client e il Server nella directory
aprite TamrielOnline.ini e modificate "connectionip="
al posto di inserite il vostro ipv4 (in genere è del tipo []) 
come porta usate 1283
lanciare LiveServer.exe
far partire il gioco da skseloader.exe
una volta finiti tutti i caricamenti, spingi il tasto HOME (accanto a PRINTSCREEN)
Se vi volete connettere
inserite il Client nella directory
aprite TamrielOnline.ini e modificate "connectionip="
al posto di inserite l'ip del server 
(usate ipv4 [] se volete giocare in LAN, usate il wan ip se voelte giocare Online [] )
come porta usate quella aperta dall'host 
far partire il gioco da skseloader.exe
una volta finiti tutti i caricamenti, spingi il tasto HOME (accanto a PRINTSCREEN)
Se non riuscite a hostare una partita online, o meglio i vostri amici non riescono a connettersi, il problema è che dovrete aprire la porta 1283. Consiglio di seguire una guida per il vostro router.
Attenzione, per ora la mod fa crashare il gioco quando ci sono i caricamenti. Dovete usare il tasto HOME per disconnettervi ogni volta.